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Advantage I Conductive Shoe Covers (Skid-Free Sole)

Advantage I Conductive Shoe Covers (Skid-Free Sole)

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Part # APP0330-SFB-CSXL

Features: Conductive, Skid-Free Sole, Latex Free

Colors: White, Blue

Quantity / Package: 300 / case

Shoe Covers with Conductive Strips are an economical way to protect static sensitive devices in the work area. A full length non-woven conductive carbon strip is added to the bottom of our Shoe Covers. In addition to providing a skid-free sole, this also provides adequate length for body contact when worn with most shoe styles.

Polypropylene Shoe Covers are made of 100% spunbond polypropylene. This non-woven fabric helps filter particulates for contamination control in critical environments. These shoe covers come in an extra-large "universal" size with comfortable elastic ankles to fit over most shoes.

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