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Advantage I Isolation Gown (Knit Cuff)

Advantage I Isolation Gown (Knit Cuff)

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Features: Knit Cuff, One Size Fits All

Colors: Yellow

Quantity / Package: 50 / case

This version of our Advantage I Isolation Gown comes with a knit wrist cuff. Our entire Advantage I line is made from polypropylene, the preferred material for non-hazardous work environments where a cost effective disposable garment is needed. This light-weight, breathable fabric is made of 100% spunbound filament. Polypropylene is durable and low lint.

Clean and (or) Sterile Options
  • No Cleaning (Standard Packaging)
  • Class 10 (ISO 4) Cleaned before packaging
  • Class 10 (ISO 4) Cleaned and Sterilized before packaging
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