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( Cross-contamination )

What You Should Never Wear in a Cleanroom

When it comes to dressing properly for a cleanroom, there will be a checklist of cleanroom apparel, most of which is available from Medco Supplies, that you will need to wear. You will also need the right personal protective equipment (PPE) for the kind of work you will be doing. Your cleanroom garment choices will depend on the ISO class of your workspace. But aside from these obvious standards, there are clothing and accessory choices you need to be c...
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Understanding Cleanroom Glove Best Practices In An Easy Way

The Medco Cleanroom and Safety supplies come into play just as the concept of cleanroom arises and with the need to have an enclosure in which the processing of products (pharmaceutical, nutritional, cosmetic, microelectronics, etc) can be carried out. In a safe way for the quality of said products, that is, avoiding microbial contamination, cross-contamination with other products and any other external contamination, including that produced by the operators themselves.
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