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Understanding Cleanroom Glove Best Practices In An Easy Way

by Alex Sardarian

The Medco Cleanroom and Safety supplies come into play just as the concept of cleanroom arises and with the need to have an enclosure in which the processing of products (pharmaceutical, nutritional, cosmetic, microelectronics, etc) can be carried out. In a safe way for the quality of said products, that is, avoiding microbial contamination, cross-contamination with other products and any other external contamination, including that produced by the operators themselves.


Therefore, the Cleanroom is a room, enclosure, etc. in which the concentration of particles is controlled even with a Cleanroom Glove, and its construction and use should minimize the introduction of generation and retention of particles within the room and in which other relevant parameters are controlled with Medco cleanroom and Safety supplies.


Cleanrooms Implementation And Operation High Cost

One of the disadvantages of Cleanrooms is the high cost of both implementation and operation, which limits their use to large-scale industries. To avoid that the material with which you work is contaminated by microorganisms from the environment, they have some security systems, such as the following:


  • The air that enters the Cleanroom is sterile since it has been filtered to remove particles in suspension and microorganisms. It is renewed completely several times per hour so as not to accumulate dust.
  • The Cleanrooms are kept on a pressure scale slightly higher than that of the outside so that when the doors are opened the air comes out and no outside air, contaminated with microorganisms, can enter.
  • The Cleanrooms walls are covered with vinyl and the corners are rounded to avoid accumulations of dirt.
  • There is only a sink in the validation room, to prevent the entry of microorganisms in the production area.
  • An expert from the Medco suggests that operators should wear special suits so as not to carry pollutants or generate dust particles. This costume is composed, from top to bottom, by a cap, mask, and latex gloves.
  • The locks maintain pressure differences between rooms and isolate them from the outside

Prevent Contamination

Even the smallest particle can affect cleanliness in a Cleanroom, so it is very important to prevent any contamination with Cleanroom and Safety supplies in sterile areas. The pollution of a cleanroom can imply the loss of quality of a product for the end user.


This contamination can occur for several reasons, but the risks can be minimized taking into account a series of care as we employed the Medco Cleanroom and Safety supplies. One of the most common causes is the opening of the doors, so you have to make the minimum possible entrances and exits, and always make sure to close them well to maintain the pressures.


There may also be particles in our shoes and in our clothes, which implies that we have to dress appropriately in the area enabled for it and go through the carpet for pollution control, which captures the dirt and dust particles that we transport in the Footwear as on the wheels of the equipment.


In addition, all Cleanroom and Safety supplies will be used exclusively for this area, will not be stored in the room or enter without being disinfected or sterilized.


It is also important to register the entrance and, of course, you cannot bring food or drinks to these rooms, as well as backpacks or bags.


Now You Can Choose Between The Different Gloves That Medco Offers You.

Medco's mission is to meet the needs of our customers by facilitating compliance with GMP, providing physical protection in the different processes, minimizing the risk of contamination and therefore increasing productivity.


The white nitrile gloves are recommended for use in Cleanroom ISO 3 or higher, and distributed by Medco, among other features noted for:


  • Do not contain natural latex rubber, which reduces the likelihood of reactions associated with Type 1 allergies.
  • Be equipped with flanged cuffs providing additional reinforcement for easy placement.
  • Completely textured.
  • Specific for each hand.
  • A container that allows aseptic placement.
  • Presented in a double bag.


At the same time the Medco offer Sterling Gloves characterized by being extra long (30 cm) and present each pair individually packed in a polyethylene bag and specific for each hand, among its features include:


  • Electrostatic dissipation
  • These Cleanroom and Safety supplies are delivered with their corresponding records of analysis and irradiation.
  • Presented in a double bag!
  • Recommended for ISO Class 3 or higher cleanrooms!


Another option that we at the Medco present is the sterile gloves, made with natural latex rubber to guarantee sensitivity to touch and comfort, recommended for ISO Class 3 or higher clean rooms.


  • Flanged cuffs that provide additional reinforcement for easy placement!
  • Palm and textured fingers!
  • Free of dust, which minimizes contamination and the drying effects of dust on the skin.
  • These cleanroom and Safety supplies are specific for each hand.
  • Presented in a double bag!


All of the Medco Cleanroom and Safety supplies are manufactured with cutting-edge technology in compliance with the most stringent quality assurance regulations in the pharmaceutical industry.

The ISO sterile and non-sterile gloves, specially designed for cleanroom environments for Life Science, offer exceptional comfort, durability and tactile sensitivity.

Locker Room

To avoid contamination in these cleanrooms, all personnel, including cleaning personnel, must respect the clothing regulations indicated in the protocol.


  • First of all, close the door properly, minimizing the number of entrances and exits.
  • Dress appropriately.
  • Put on leggings.
  • Go to the clean area, which is separated by a bank.
  • Step on the carpet to capture the particles or dirt that we can transport in our shoes.
  • Put on a dressing gown.
  • Put on gloves and a hat.
  • Make sure to close the other door correctly.

To carry out the cleaning tasks of a Cleanroom, special Cleanroom and Safety supplies such as, the glove must be used that meet the requirements of that Cleanroom, in addition to following very specific methodologies in the different areas. The Medco offer a wide range of gloves for clean rooms and controlled environments, adapted to technical and functional needs for medical supplies, personal protection or Cleanroom.

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