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Reduce Contaminants the Easy Way with Bouffants, Beard Covers and Surgical Caps

Grandma used to say, “cleanliness is next to Godliness” and that is certainly true when it comes to manufacturing, food service, pharmaceutical production, medical and cleanroom facilities. That’s why at Medco Supplies we offer a range of hairnets, bouffants, beard covers and surgical caps to prevent hair, skin and other substances from contaminating the workspace. A hygienic work area is critical to clean and safe production standards. Let’s look at some FAQs about these products so you can make the best buying choices for your facility.
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7 Things Your Laboratory Can't Live Without

As hubs for research, tests, analysis and production, laboratories need an unlimited supply of specialized products. At Medco Supplies, we provide these key supplies to support the services performed by your lab employees. These 7 must-haves for every laboratory are items that are easily obtained in bulk supply so you never run out.
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