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Reduce Contaminants the Easy Way with Bouffants, Beard Covers and Surgical Caps

by Operations Manager
Reduce Contaminants the Easy Way with Bouffants, Beard Covers and Surgical Caps

Grandma used to say, “cleanliness is next to Godliness” and that is certainly true when it comes to manufacturing, food service, pharmaceutical production, medical and cleanroom facilities. That’s why at Medco Supplies we offer a range of hairnets, bouffants, beard covers and surgical caps to prevent hair, skin and other substances from contaminating the workspace. A hygienic work area is critical to clean and safe production standards. Let’s look at some FAQs about these products so you can make the best buying choices for your facility.

Which is better – hairnet or bouffant?

If you are trying to decide if your employees need a full bouffant or if a hairnet will suffice, consider the construction of each headwear.

Bouffants completely cover the hair and are made out of sturdier material than hairnets. Nonwoven bouffant caps are breathable and have a low lint count, making them ideal for cleanrooms, medical and manufacturing applications. Bouffants are made out of tightly-wound spunbonded olefin with a comfortable elastic band to keep hair and contaminants secure.

Hairnets are made of flame-retardant nylon netting. They are softer and lighter than bouffants and are comfortable for long shifts. A latex-free elastic band secures the hair and reduces the need for hair ties. Hairnets are available in honeycomb or fine mesh weaves.

Still not sure which one to buy? It’s always a good idea to consult your classification standards. That will make the choice an easier one.

Are beard covers needed for mustaches?

Beard covers may come as a surprise to your male employees. Beards are known to shed as many hairs and particulates as uncovered heads, so beard nets are a critical component to your cleanroom supplies.

And yes, if a mustache is present, the beard net must cover the mouth, directly under the nose. Almost all facial hair can be covered with beard covers. Fortunately, our beard covers offer soft elastic bands and loose nylon netting for maximum comfort.

What do I need to know about surgical caps?

Surgical caps are essential gear for medical facilities. Apart from holding back hair, scrub caps or scrub hats play an important role in keeping contaminants from sterile surgical, exam and recovery environments.

Worn correctly, surgical hats cover the hair and top of the ears to reduce skin and hair loss. Our Kaycel Surgical Caps are non-linting for added particulate protection. The tops of the caps are made with polypropylene for breathability and the Kaycel sides are absorbent to wick away perspiration.

Get your supplies in bulk

Make sure your facility never goes without its critical bouffant, hairnet, beard covers or surgical caps by buying in bulk from Medco Supplies. We offer fast shipping and competitive pricing to make sure you never run out of your critical PPE supplies.  Contact us today for more information.

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