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7 Things Your Laboratory Can't Live Without

by Operations Manager
7 Things Your Laboratory Can't Live Without

As hubs for research, tests, analysis and production, laboratories need an unlimited supply of specialized products. At Medco Supplies, we provide these key supplies to support the services performed by your lab employees. These must-haves for every laboratory are items that are easily obtained in bulk supply so you never run out.

Coats or Coveralls

To reduce contaminants, lab coats are a staple for every worker in the cleanroom area. If particulates or chemical splashes are a concern, coveralls could be a better choice.

Aprons and Sleeves

If lab coats are more than what is needed, aprons provide more mobility and breathability. Adding disposable arm sleeves to the aprons can increase sterility and protection.

Weigh Dishes

Another must-have for a lab are weigh dishes. Aluminum weigh dishes with a write-on handle can be used for evaporating dishes or balance pans and are able to withstand temperatures up to 1,250°F. Polystyrene weigh boats have smooth sides for easy liquid or powder measurements and pour out.

Beakers and Tubes

Keep production in motion with the indispensable help that our triple-spout beakers can provide. Chemical resistant, these lightweight beakers have a myriad of uses. Also, our microcentrifuge tubes with snap caps come in a variety of sizes and are ready to take on the hard work.

Cotton Swabs

Cotton applicators on wooden shafts are handy all-purpose helpers in laboratories and medical facilities. Check out the wide variety of sizes of shafts and cotton tips.


Finish the job with our absorbent polyester or polycellulose wipers. Chemically resistant, these handy wipes will make cleanup a breeze.


Finish off your protective ensemble with gloves, bouffants, masks and shoe covers. These work horses for your laboratory personal protective equipment (PPE) go the distance for protecting workers and eliminating contaminants.

Get bulk supplies for your lab

Are your supply shelves getting low? Stop running out of critical lab supplies by ordering the staples in bulk. Contact us today for a special quote to ship a pallet of cleanroom essentials to your laboratory and give your workers what they need to maintain the highest standards.

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