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( Cleanroom startup )

Top 5 Things to Know When Choosing Cleanroom Supplies

Choosing the cleanroom supplies that are right for your facility or laboratory leaves no margin for error. That’s why the pros at Medco Supplies have compiled this list of 5 things to know before you start ordering cleanroom supplies. What is the Classification? When choosing cleanroom supplies, it is essential to understand what ISO (International Organization for Standardization) classification you have at your laboratory. When you know the class num...
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What You Need to Start Up Your Own Cleanroom

A cleanroom startup requires careful planning to meet certification standards and to ensure your research, manufacturing and distribution are of the highest quality. Medco Supplies has the cleanroom supplies you will need to equip your space for maximum efficiency and safety. Here are the top considerations for starting up your cleanroom. Air Quality Control Carefully controlled air quality is essential to any cleanroom. Your Air Handling Unit (AHU) wil...
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