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Top 5 Things to Know When Choosing Cleanroom Supplies

by Janelle Bauer
Top 5 Things to Know When Choosing Cleanroom Supplies

Choosing the cleanroom supplies that are right for your facility or laboratory leaves no margin for error. That’s why the pros at Medco Supplies have compiled this list of 5 things to know before you start ordering cleanroom supplies.

What is the Classification?

When choosing cleanroom supplies, it is essential to understand what ISO (International Organization for Standardization) classification you have at your laboratory. When you know the class number, then you will know how to purchase your needed supplies.

A product labeled “lint free” or “cleanroom safe” might not be true if your facility is Class 4. Researching the Technical Data sheet found on each product page on our website will give you a fast answer on the ISO number.

Manufactured and Packaged

Check the Clean and/or Sterile Options section of each product page to discover the Class number for each product and how it is cleaned and sterilized before packaging and double bagged for cleanliness.


For ESD sensitive cleanrooms, make sure you evaluate each supply for anti-static properties. Often, there are ESD choices, such as with conductive shoe covers. Consider if chemicals used in the cleanroom or to clean the surfaces and floors will break down the static dissipation qualities over time.

Cleaning Supplies

Cleaning supplies for cleanrooms must be purchased separately and must be used only for the interior of the cleanroom. Supplies that don’t leave chemical residues, shed lint or corrode are essential.

Gowning Supplies

Having proper gowning supplies for your ISO classification is another important concern. Masks are not required until you reach ISO 5 or ISO 4 levels. Shoe covers are not required until ISO 6, 5 or 4 levels. And lab coats may be all that is needed for ISO 8 or 7 labs. All ISO classifications require a bouffant but only ISO 5 and ISO 4 need a hood.

Get your cleanroom supplies in bulk

Now that you know what cleanroom supplies you need and how to select the right ones, it’s time to store the supplies in bulk so your employees never run out of an essential item. One final tip: having a separate storage area to keep your supplies contaminant free and away from oxidizing acids is a must.

Contact us today for a quote on fast shipping, bulk supplies for your cleanroom.


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