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What You Need to Start Up Your Own Cleanroom

by Operations Manager
What You Need to Start Up Your Own Cleanroom

A cleanroom startup requires careful planning to meet certification standards and to ensure your research, manufacturing and distribution are of the highest quality. Medco Supplies has the cleanroom supplies you will need to equip your space for maximum efficiency and safety. Here are the top considerations for starting up your cleanroom.

Air Quality Control

Carefully controlled air quality is essential to any cleanroom. Your Air Handling Unit (AHU) will need to be equipped with humidity control and specialized HEPA filters and will be calibrated for hourly air changes. Controlled and contained air flow throughout the cleanroom space will ensure standard air quality. Hiring a certified HVAC contractor with experience in cleanroom setup is essential.


When designing a cleanroom, it is important to consider air flow, materials movement and people movement. Space should be open and well-designed for optimal flow in each of these areas.

It should also be flexible enough to allow for expansion as your business grows, as you add equipment, or as your processes change. Gowning and ungowning areas, air locks and showers may need to be included in the specs. Carefully consider the kind of cleanroom you need and consult a professional cleanroom designer before finalizing your plans.


Having the right equipment will ensure your employees will be able to work efficiently. Tables and equipment that are designed to cleanroom specifications will be easy to wipe down and keep clean.

Frocks, coveralls, bouffants, sleeves, shoe covers, masks, and latex, nitrile or vinyl gloves are all essential personal protective equipment for your workers. Sticky mats, cleanroom documentation supplies, wipers and mops are also essential.


Now that you have your cleanroom designed, built and outfitted, you will need to go through the proper certification procedures before you can operate. If there are hazardous materials, proper disposal techniques need to be in place. The International Standards Organization has levels of certification, depending on your activities, and several checkpoints are in place to evaluate your cleanroom.

Once you have the air quality control system, the airlock architecture, the supportive supplies and the certification in order, you’re ready to start production with your cleanroom. Medco Supplies is able to order the quantity of supplies needed to keep your operation flowing smoothly.

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