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Top 3 Cleanroom Safety Hazards

by Janelle Bauer
Top 3 Cleanroom Safety Hazards

It takes a village to operate and to maintain a safe cleanroom. But even with everyone’s attention on PPE and procedures, accidents can still happen. Unfortunately, the nature of cleanrooms makes accidents all the more serious. When working with chemicals and biohazards, any spill can become an instant problem. At Medco Supplies, we’ve evaluated the top 3 cleanroom safety hazards and what you can do about them.

Wet Floors

Don’t: Your kindergarten teacher was right: you shouldn’t run in the hallways. While you probably aren’t running in your cleanroom, moving too quickly can spell disaster when there’s an unexpected wet spot on a floor. Even a normal, slow pace can result in a slip if there’s a wet floor. Slip-and-fall accidents, when added to chemicals, can become serious fast.

Do: When you notice a wet area on the cleanroom floor, immediately follow protocol for marking the area with a safety/caution sign and notify the person in charge of cleaning of the hazard.

Chemical Spills

Don’t: When there has been a chemical spill or splash, now is not the time to ignore protocol or to come back and clean it up later. Simply throwing a wiper or low-particulate disposable cloth over the mess is not the same as cleaning it up, even if you intend to get right back to it. Worse, don’t assume your clothing or skin is ok and keep working.

Do: Remember your training. You know how to properly dispose of chemicals and hazardous materials safely. Make sure there is proper ventilation and wear the best respirator available to protect yourself. If any chemical has come into contact with your clothing or skin, go immediately to the shower or the eye wash station and rinse for at least 15 minutes after removing affected clothing.

Furniture Obstructions

Don’t: Carelessly changing the arrangement of the cleanroom or jumping up out of a chair without moving it back into place can cause unexpected cleanroom hazards. Turning too quickly and running into misplaced furniture can result in a stumble, spill, or even a fall.

Do: Keep your environment in mind when working in the cleanroom. Keeping chairs tidy and under tables and keeping furniture and equipment in its place can help maintain a safe and predictable environment for everyone who works there.

Get your cleanroom supplies today

A well-maintained cleanroom requires an adequate inventory of cleanroom supplies. Make sure your employees have all the safety equipment and supplies needed to do their jobs efficiently. Contact us today for a special quote on the sticky mats, gloves, masks, coveralls, shoe covers, caps and more that can help protect your staff from hazards in the cleanroom.

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