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What Keeps a Cleanroom Clean?

Posted on November 01, 2016 by Medco

Cleanrooms are precisely controlled environments that are used in different types of research or manufacturing. Since it is very important that cleanrooms maintain a constant level of air contamination, there is a myriad of special supplies necessary to keep a cleanroom operating at optimum condition.

For companies that require a wide range of cleanroom supplies, finding a central company to provide those supplies makes a big difference in the ease of reordering. Medco is proud to be a one-stop provider of all cleanroom supplies necessary to maintain a properly controlled cleanroom.

Medco has factories all over the world that manufacture disposable gloves, latex gloves, cleanroom wipes, safety supplies, adhesive mats, face masks, safety glasses, tacky mats, ESD supplies, glove liners, lab supplies, finger cots and much, much more for companies in the cleanroom, medical, food handling and industrial safety markets.

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