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Why Safety Should Be Your #1 Priority

Most industries and businesses agree that safety should be the #1 priority, but not all of them actually follow through to ensure their employees are as safe as possible all of the time. Workplace safety encompasses so much time, money and knowledge that many businesses just don’t have the resources to fully master it. That’s why at Medco Supplies we’ve compiled the top 3 mistakes that businesses make regarding workplace safety. Mistake #1: Ignorance is...
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All You Want To Know About Cleanroom Suits And Clothes Selection

Our cleanroom suit and the choice of garments are key to maintaining a critical environment, but what is the first step in instilling the etiquette? The Medco is right here to help start this process. The first step in creating a protocol for your clean room is to determine what types of apparel products are used. Each cleanroom environment is unique and often specific to the application. Take a look at our guide. We hope that it helps you to start in the right direction.
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