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All You Want To Know About Cleanroom Suits And Clothes Selection

by Operations Manager
All You Want To Know About Cleanroom Suits And Clothes Selection

Our cleanroom suit and the choice of garments are key to maintaining a critical environment, but what is the first step in instilling the etiquette? The Medco is right here to help start this process. The first step in creating a protocol for your clean room is to determine what types of apparel products are used. Each cleanroom environment is unique and often specific to the application. Take a look at our guide. We hope that it helps you to start in the right direction.


Clothing systems may include multiple layers of garments; using the cleanroom suits, even a well-known undersuit can increase the effectiveness of your cleanroom, combining different garments and accessories, a suitable combination for different types of cleanrooms and applications. Cleanroom clothing manufacturers provide recommendations on which products to use in different cleanrooms.


Different type of Cleanroom Suits and clothes:


  • Advantage I Coveralls
  • Advantage Pro Coveralls
  • Advantage MPC Coveralls
  • Tyvek Coveralls
  • Advantage Plus Lab Coat
  • Advantage I Conductive Shoe Covers
  • Tyvek Boot Covers and even more


Advantage I Coveralls

This very polypropylene garment is the ideal stuff for risk-free work settings in which a cost-effective garment is required. These lightweight and breathable fabrics are made from 100% spun yarn. Polypropylene is durable and with little lint. These are supplied with an elastic wrist and ankle for user protection during use. 25 / case


Advantage Pro Coveralls

Advantage Pro is a three-ply (spunbonded + meltblown + spunbonded) fabric that is ideal for many situations where a barrier of dry particles and repellency is required. This means that the Advantage Pro Coverall offers an excellent barrier against water-based fluids and is resistant to splashes of light chemicals. They are also sold with the elastic wrist as well as ankle for extra protection.


Advantage MPC Coveralls

Our exclusive Advantage MPC series consists of a vastly breathable microporous (BM) layer coupled to a nonwoven material. The barrier properties of our Advantage MPC Coveralls are required. Advantage MPC provides excellent protection against non-toxic liquids, dirt, as well as dust.


Tyvek Coveralls

Our unique Tyvek suit features an open wrist and ankle for more flexibility in the work area. Tyvek is a unique material made from a spun olefin. This protective fabric has become a standard in the industry for the strength and durability of worker safety materials!


Advantage Plus lab coat

The well-known Advantage Plus laboratory coat is indeed made of polyethylene coated polypropylene, the best alternative for Tyvek®. This lab coat provides protection for general industrial applications. The fabric does not leak water-based fluids, making it ideal for laboratory work.


Advantage I Conductive Shoe Covers

Advantage I shoe covers with traces are a cost-effective way to protect static-sensitive equipment in the work area. A full-length conductive carbon fiber strand is attached to the underside of our shoe covers, providing adequate length for body contact when used with most types of shoes. These products are made of 100% polypropylene.


Tyvek Boot Covers

The covers for Tyvek boots are indeed scratch and abrasion resistant; they are comfortable as well as lightweight. Tyvek is a unique material that offers a higher combination of durability, barrier, and also breathability. This protective fabric, made from an olefin, has become an industry standard for the strength as well as durability of workers' safety materials.


Some other cleanroom clothing materials


Advantage Insulation Gown I


This Advantage I insulation apparel comes with a knitted wrist cuff. All of our Advantage I products are made of polypropylene, the favored material for risk-free work settings. This lightweight fabric is made from 100% spun yarn. Polypropylene is durable and with little lint.


Advantage Pro insulation

This very dress comes with a knit cuff. The three-ply fabric in this isolation coat is perfect for many situations where a barrier of dry particles and repellency is required. Advantage Pro provides an excellent barrier to waterborne fluids and is resistant to mild chemical spills.


Advantage Pro apron

The Advantage Pro series consists of a three-ply meltblown+ spunbonded + spun-bonded fabric that is ideal for many situations where barrier and repellency properties of dry particles are required. The product provides an excellent barrier against water-based fluids and is resistant to chemical splashes.


Ear Loop Mask

This great Ear-Loop mask has an ultra-protective eye protection. This permanent anti-fog protection is optically transparent and extremely light. The shield provides full peripheral vision, even when used with prescription glasses. Earloop masks are made of soft polypropylene fleece.


Sterile gloves

Sterile gloves are an obvious supply needed for this type of environment. They are used to prevent workers or researchers from coming into direct contact with the product or research material. Different settings require gloves without dust. Therefore, it is important to know the product specifications or research guidelines before purchasing this product.

Surgical masks

Surgical masks are another garment that is needed. The mask filters both the exhalation of the person and the air they breathe. When handling more hazardous materials, workers or investigators may need to wear full-face masks. The overalls prevent loose clothing from getting caught in the equipment and preventing clothing from getting into the environment.


When working in a sterile environment, everything must be properly maintained or the product or the exam contaminated. Even the smallest mistake can cost thousands of dollars when talking about research or production costs. It is important to use the appropriate Medco cleanroom supplies that will allow personnel to clean and use a device in the right way. For this environment to maintain its integrity, all cleanroom policies must be adhered to at all times.


How often should a garment or cleanroom suit be changed?

Knowing which types of suits or cleanroom clothing to get is one thing, but knowing when and how often to change them is another matter. But don’t worry. We can help you make an informed decision. Depending on your cleanroom environment, there is a certain frequency of how often you should change your cleanroom clothing. From cleanroom suits to gloves, you'll find everything you need to know to keep your clothes as clean as possible.


Since there are many different materials and fabrics used for cleaning garments, choosing the best ones can be complicated for your needs. Knowing the benefits and limitations of each material can be useful in this process. The fact is that cleanroom suits can last a long time and the instructions on manual must be followed to get the most out of them.


Finally, some cleanroom supplies such as masks, gloves and the like should be changed immediately after use; Medco is here to help with the most sought-after cleanroom supplies. Talk to us today to see how we can help you, thank you

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