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Finger Cots Use and Their Benefits For The Cleanroom Environment

by Operations Manager
Finger Cots Use and Their Benefits For The Cleanroom Environment

The cleanroom finger cots are always dust-free as well as available in latex and nitrile. When handling sensitive electronic devices or static sensitive items, a finger cot is placed over your fingers. The purpose of finger cot out there would be to prevent the passage of static particles from your body to the products you are actually working on.

We have latex and nitrile Finger cots for cleanrooms in sizes from small to double extra large. If you work in a latex-free environment, we recommend latex-free nitrile cribs. These are rolled and unrolled by default and available as extra thick nitrile cradles. Below are some Finger cots available for clean rooms.

  • Anti-Static Finger Cots
  • Powder Free Nitrile Finger
  • Powder-Free Finger Cots
  • Powdered Finger Cots
  • Static Dissipative Finger Cots and more

Perfectly Adapted Cleanroom Finger Cots

In our complete Medco range, you will find cleanroom Finger cots that are perfectly adapted to your needs, whether you use them for your medical activities or for personal protection or products in clean rooms. With our experience and know-how in the field of cleanrooms, you can count on us!

Our sterile and non-sterile disposable Finger cots are compatible with ISO class 4 and class 5 clean rooms. They also offer absolute comfort, optimal tactile sensitivity and the thickness of material required. Different lengths and sizes are available.

Thus, each user will find the form that suits him and will thus enjoy the best protection. In addition, you have the choice between a multitude of materials and colors, according to your tastes and your needs.

The material influences such factors as comfort, grip, and resistance to chemicals and heat. Disposable gloves (nitrile, natural rubber, etc.), textile finger cots: we offer tailor-made solutions for your personal technical needs in cleanrooms and controlled environments.

Medco Clean Room Finger Cots Are Made Of Great Materials:

Natural rubber: the traditional material, and always the most comfortable.

Nitrile: the material that offers a better tactile sensitivity, flexible and flexible, very resistant to chemicals and perforation. 100% natural rubber frees, to exclude the risk of allergy to natural rubber.

Polychloroprene: a combination of the most interesting characteristics of natural rubber and nitrile. The elasticity and comfort of natural rubber are associated with chemical resistance and nitrile perforation. 100% natural rubber frees, to exclude the risk of allergy to natural rubber.

All of our sterile clean room Finger cots are packaged in pairs in plastic bags and delivered in non-particulate Easy Peel pouches. It is an optimized residual particle packaging concept: the pouches are easy to open, which prevents the penetration of particles that normally occurs with peel bags.

Latex Finger Cots Details

These are our dissipative Finger cots. They are truly 100% natural rubber helpful in the clean room. They are 4 mils thick and 2.75 inches long. This product guarantees a consistent ride level and is safe for use in the cleanroom and 100+ cleanroom applications.

Our static dissipative Finger cots are safe for use with class A static electronic devices and meet ASTM quality consistency requirements. Its chlorine content is controlled to ensure a constant quality of powder-free cots to really avoid excess chlorides.

The average traction strength is up to 500 kg / cm2. The results of the static fall test for the Finger cots are between 5000 and 0 volts in a time of 0.01 seconds and comply with the MIL standard. These Finger cots are habitually used in conjunction with the QRC 8C finger cover.


Nitrile Finger Cots Details

These are our most popular antistatic nitrile powder-free finger cots for use in cleanrooms. They are made of 100% nitrile, are extremely clean and super soft. They have a great thickness and a total length of 2.7 inches. This nitrile Finger cot contains no latex, no dust, no sulfur, no silicone, and no protein they comply with ROHS.


These nitrile finger cots are anti-static and also suitable for handling class 2 ESD equipment and are resistant to greases, oils, and chemicals. These finger cots feature a patented surface treatment that makes it a pure powder-free without the need for a chlorine processor or maybe adhesion promoter.


The average tensile strength of this product is 24 MPa and the elongation at break is 600%. With an average surface resistance of ohms/square, these great and well-known finger cots are available in rolled with more than710 units per bag.


In addition to the advantage over the latex finger cots, the nitrile cot offers the following advantages:

  1. The nitrile finger cots have permanent ESD stuff. They don t use antistatic surface coating materials.
  2. They clean the cleanroom without the use of chlorine or surface antistatic coating materials. Dust-free latex feces are actually produced by a process called chlorination.
  3. They adapt to the contours of the fingers after application. Compared to latex types, the finger is relatively under pressure after a moment. In contrast, due to its elastic properties, the latex continues to exert pressure on the fingers. Nitrile syles are thus more pleasant.
  4. They are sulfur-free. Sulfur can damage metals like gold, silver, and copper.
  5. They contain no copper-colored chemicals. Latex cots for fingers may contain a chemical that can affect the purity of copper.
  6. Its washing process ensures small particles and ionic, non-volatile residues.


It is obvious that nitrile finger cots are great and suitable for the production of cleanrooms, electronic products, and pharmaceuticals.

They are a bit more expensive than latex cribs. However, one can be willing to pay a bit more for the various benefits listed above, but in addition to their unique possession, our choice is different.

Depending on the field of application, also the finger cots have a double important function in a clean room. On the one hand, their role is to effectively protect products and processes against human-caused contamination. And again, their task is also to protect the user himself against various factors, such as chemicals. Our range includes a wide range of quality products for every application area, whether its small size or the large finger cots, we offer great solutions for specific requirements in cleanrooms and controlled environments.


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