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Steps for Starting a Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Company

by Operations Manager
Steps for Starting a Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Company

When you have a great idea for a new pharmaceutical product that has the potential to really help people, it’s exciting to think about creating your own pharmaceutical manufacturing company and mass producing your miracle product.

When you’ve compiled a winning team consisting of a research expert, business expert, regulatory expert, cleanroom production expert, legal expert, and marketing expert, you’re ready to hurdle challenges from every direction. Finally, you’ll need the cleanroom supplies found at Medco Supplies to finish your production line set-up.

Business Plan

Your business team will help you research and analyze the feasibility of producing your own pharmaceutical products. Understanding the competition and the scale of marketing needed are key focal points.


After deciding on the plan for your production, it is time to get the funding in place. You will need funding for the physical location and all of the cleanroom requirements that will have to be constructed. You will also need funding for the on-going production expenses, including labor costs.


If your company will be based in India, a popular choice for pharmaceutical manufacturers due to the low labor and overhead costs and the quality of products, you will need to register your factory according to size of production. If you are manufacturing in the US, you will need to register with state and federal, and possibly get approval from the FDA. You will also need cleanroom certification.


Finally, you can plan your manufacturing plant. Mixing machines, sieves, tanks, compressors, driers, filling machines, blenders, labeling machines, and packaging machines are all pieces of equipment you will need to evaluate.

Your workers will need cleanroom supplies to ensure you are meeting or exceeding ISO Class 8 requirements. Cleanroom gloves, coveralls, mask, bouffant, shoe covers, sticky mats and documentation supplies all need to be stored correctly and be readily available in your cleanroom.

Get your pharmaceutical manufacturing supplies

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