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Why Safety Should Be Your #1 Priority

by Operations Manager
Why Safety Should Be Your #1 Priority

Most industries and businesses agree that safety should be the #1 priority, but not all of them actually follow through to ensure their employees are as safe as possible all of the time. Workplace safety encompasses so much time, money and knowledge that many businesses just don’t have the resources to fully master it. That’s why at Medco Supplies we’ve compiled the top 3 mistakes that businesses make regarding workplace safety.

Mistake #1: Ignorance is bliss

Not anticipating potential safety hazards is a recipe for disaster. Take a moment to look around the manufacturing floor with an eye to safety. Do your employees need personal protective equipment (PPE), masks, gloves, removable sleeves, ear muffs, bump caps, goggles, ear plugs or back supports? Make sure your supervisors are informed on safe practices and are carefully following them.

Mistake #2: Cost-cutting equipment

The second biggest mistake is buying cheap, ineffective safety equipment. Sub-par safety gear is not going to cut it when conditions are ripe for an accident. Cheap gloves, hats, eye protection and masks wear out quickly and offer little protection to the employee. The wrong safety equipment can cost the business much more in the long run. At Medco Supplies, we’ve worked hard to bring you some of the best safety gear at affordable prices so your employees can have what they need to stay safe.

Mistake #3: Lapse in training

It’s easy to feel like it’s all covered because you’ve had training in the past, you’ve put up the informative posters, and your workers have been instructed in health and safety practices. However, studies have shown that these safety measures need to be updated annually and training needs to be repeated to keep it in the forefront of everyone’s mind. It’s human nature to relax standards and to take shortcuts over time.

Knowledge is Power

Taking these 3 mistakes into consideration while reevaluating workplace safety, businesses can enjoy the benefits of having happier, healthier employees who will appreciate the extra efforts made to keep their workplace a safer place.

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