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Coveralls by the Numbers

by Operations Manager
Coveralls by the Numbers

Keep your cleanroom or production facility up to standards with quality one-piece coveralls found at Medco Supplies. Gone are the bulky astronaut suits of yesterday. Today’s coveralls are lighter, more durable and are made with comfort and style in mind. We have 8 suggestions when looking at features for your next bulk supply of coveralls for laboratory coverage or general safety apparel. Here’s what you need to know to choose the best coveralls.

Fabric Choice

Nonwoven fabric used in coveralls assures a protective, resistant layer for the wearer. Here are some common fabric compositions:

  • Coveralls made of spunbonded olefin provides a liquid barrier and are very durable.
  • Polyethylene coated polypropylene in Advantage Plus Coveralls creates a great liquid barrier and is very durable.
  • Spunbonded polypropylene creates a lightweight, breathable fabric as found in our Advantage I Coveralls.
  • Spunbonded-meltblown-spunbonded (SMS) fabric offers 3 layers of protection against dry particulates and liquid splashes. Check out our Advantage Pro Coveralls as an excellent choice.

Elastic Wrist & Ankle

To protect the wearer from contamination and to keep the environment as clean as possible, all of our coveralls come with elastic wrists and ankles for a snug, comfortable fit.


Get covered from head to toe with a coverall/hood/boots combination as in our Advantage Plus Coveralls, our 3-layer Advantage Pro Coveralls, Advantage MPC Coveralls with Attached Hood & Boots, or Advantage I Coveralls with Attached Hood & Boots. Or, use a coverall with just a hood for extra safety or coveralls with a detached hood.

Barrier & Repellency

Our coveralls provide excellent barriers to dirt, dust and contaminants. Depending on the fabric, they can also provide adequate protection from liquid splashes and spills and can repel chemicals.


Our coveralls are all designed to be disposable. After an eight or ten hour shift, you will find these coveralls will need to be replaced. If used as a dust and dirt repellent in open areas, your employees may be able to stretch the use over a couple of days. Packaged in a sterile Class 10 category, our coveralls straight out of the package are ready for any clean environment.

Cool Comfort

Made with lightweight, soft fabric that still retains durability, the Advantage MPC Coveralls and Advantage MPC Coveralls with hood & boots offer optimal comfort in hot situations.


An extra feature that is desirable in electrostatic discharge-sensitive facilities is the anti-static treatment. The Advantage MPC Coveralls and the Advantage MPC Coveralls with hood & boots are treated with this special static-free wash.

Strength & Durability

While spunbonded olefin fabric is considered the industry standard for strength and durability, SMS fabric offers a bond of 3 nonwoven layers that is hard to beat. The Advantage Pro Coveralls and Advantage Plus Coveralls of polyethylene-coated polypropylene are great examples of strength and durability.

Get a bulk supply of coveralls for your lab or plant

Need more coveralls in bulk? Contact us today for a special quote to ship a pallet of sterile coveralls to your lab or manufacturing facility around the world.





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