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Cleanroom Disposable Garments That Make the Grade

by Janelle Bauer
Cleanroom Disposable Garments That Make the Grade

What’s your favorite feature for cleanroom disposable garments like coveralls? Is it the durability, breathability, liquid barrier or just general contamination resistance? When it comes to full coverage, the coveralls at Medco Supplies have a lot to offer. Let’s look at the features that make all the difference in maintaining cleanroom classifications.

Class 100 – ISO5 Approved

If you’re looking to meet ASTM F 1670/1671 standard, look no further than Advantage Plus coveralls. They provide protection against water-based liquids and some chemicals while reducing particulate release.

If you need a Class 10 (ISO4) standard and liquid penetration is not commonplace, Tyvek cleanroom coveralls are a great choice. These coveralls provide excellent strength and durability.

Polyethylene-coated Polypropylene

Liquid barrier and particulate shed resistant, the Advantage Plus coveralls are perfect for general purpose industrial applications. An economical choice, this coverall has elastic wrists and ankles for sealed coverage.

Spunbonded Olefin

Tyvek fabrics are made of spunbonded olefin and offer durability and particulate barriers. Uncoated, it does not offer splash protection and is not recommended for exposure to liquid chemicals and gases. Serged seams join the materials with an interlocking stitch for economical construction.

Spunbonded – Meltblown – Spunbonded

This fabric, found in Advantage Pro coveralls, provides a barrier against water-based liquids and light chemical splashes while repelling dry particulates. It is lightweight, soft and breathable for added comfort. Anti-static treatment makes it ideal for static-sensitive cleanrooms.


Where liquid splashes, spills and penetration are a hazard, Advantage Plus coveralls provide some of the best protection available. The polyethylene-coated polypropylene does not allow liquids to penetrate.


In environments with dust, dirt, grime, splashes and spills, Advantage MPC is an excellent choice. It is breathable for hot conditions but repels particulates and liquids.

Reduced Particle Release

The 3-layer fabric of Advantage Pro is ideal as a barrier to particulate shedding. The elastic wrist and ankle adds protection against particulate contamination in sensitive cleanroom environments.


An economical choice for non-hazardous work environments, Advantage I coveralls offer cool, lightweight protection with a low particulate barrier. Made of spunbound polypropylene, these disposable garments are low lint and breathable.

Kinds of Garments

When looking for disposable cleanroom garments, it is important to follow your class regulations. Some environments may allow aprons, frocks or lab coats, or even just sleeves while others require full hooded coveralls with boots attached. Check out our line of partial and full coverage garments.

Get your cleanroom disposable garments in bulk

Most coveralls are available in small, medium, large, extra large, 2XL, 3XL, 4XL, 5XL, 6XL. Contact us today for a quote on the sizes you need to make sure you have a bulk amount of the disposable cleanroom garments you can’t do without.

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