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An Expert Interview on the Best Coveralls to Buy

by Janelle Bauer
An Expert Interview on the Best Coveralls to Buy

Encountering hazardous materials on the job, stopping contamination before it starts and protecting employees from hazards are all reasons why it’s essential to identify what makes the best PPE coveralls. At Medco Supplies, we know what makes a great disposable coverall and what coverall is right for each application – whether it is laboratories, cleanrooms, medical facilities, manufacturing, or food distribution.


Before ordering coveralls, you must examine the environment to know what kind of hazards your employees may face. Will they be exposed to chemicals? Is there a risk of contamination to the cleanroom? Is a dust barrier all that is needed or does there need to be a repellency to liquid splashes? Depending on the risks you identify, there are several good choices for each workplace environment. Here are some of our recommendations:


The second decision you need to make is to decide how durable do these coveralls need to be to keep your employees safe and the environment contaminant-free all day? Will you need to sacrifice weight for strength? Maybe not. We have coveralls that are both lightweight and durable, but we also offer coveralls that can take a beating before showing any tears. Here are two choices:


The final consideration is what fit your employees need. Do they need open wrists and open ankles? Do they need the security of elastic wrists and ankles? Do they need a connected hood? Do they need attached boots? Take a look at your options for full coverage:

Get your coveralls in bulk

Ready to order coveralls or to talk to an expert? Contact us today for more information or for a quote on fast shipping. We’ve got the right disposable coveralls for your workplace at competitive prices.



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