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Top 3 Cleanroom Contaminants & the Documentation Supplies to Counter Them

by Operations Manager
Top 3 Cleanroom Contaminants & the Documentation Supplies to Counter Them

After your cleanroom is designed and outfitted to meet ISO classification standards, it’s time to take a closer look at the documentation being used. While it’s easy to make a mistake by grabbing the wrong pen and using it in the cleanroom, having the right supplies on hand can go a long way in protecting against the risk of contamination in your controlled environment.

At Medco Supplies, we provide all the cleanroom documentation products needed to cut down on fiber and particulate shedding in your laboratory. Let’s look at 3 ways the right documentation can protect against contamination.

Particulate spreading

Paper can be the enemy of anti-particulate environments. That’s why Clean-Write paper is essential to guard against generating particulates in the cleanroom environment. Our cleanroom paper is coated with a polymer formula to obstruct fiber shedding, even when torn.

Need it hole punched? Don’t risk the punching process in your cleanroom, try our pre-punched Clean-Write paper. But don’t stop with paper, the pens need to meet ISO standards as well. Our cleanroom pens are clearly labeled to reduce mistakes. The low-sodium ink and special poly barrel limits particle generation.

Our spiral notebooks are also designed for anti-particulate formation and come in a flip-top option. Need something even faster? Try our 3x3” sticky notes. They are bound tightly for low particulates and have a reduced adhesive suitable for cleanroom use. And best of all, they’re reusable.

Microorganism shedding

Another enemy of the laboratory cleanroom is bacteria, pathogens and microbes that can multiply and contaminate surfaces including pens, papers, binders and countertops. Having surfaces that are easy to disinfect is essential. That’s why we make sure our binders are solvent resistant and our clipboards can be cleaned. Don’t forget the cleanroom tab dividers to organize your binders.

Electrostatic discharging

Finally, many classifications of cleanroom are required to guard against static discharge, or ESD. You can disinfect your cleanroom pens with ESD wipers and solution without threat of unwanted static discharge.

Get your cleanroom documentation supplies in bulk

Buying your cleanroom documentation supplies in bulk helps to guard against contamination from paper, pens, notebooks and common sticky notes being brought in from outside. Contact us today for a special quote to ship in bulk to your facility.

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