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3 Kinds of Cleanroom Gloves

by Janelle Bauer
3 Kinds of Cleanroom Gloves

Protecting your hands in the laboratory or workplace is an essential part of safety and cleanroom procedures. Having the right sterile gloves that fit well for each employee is a key part of the cleanroom garment donning and doffing protocol. The pros at Medco Supplies have put together these tips to help you choose the best cleanroom gloves for everyone.

What will impact your choice of gloves?

Before buying cleanroom gloves, you should ask yourself three different questions. What kinds of chemicals will be used? You’ll want to choose the right material—latex or nitrile—for chemical resistance to alkalies, acids, alcohols and ketones.

What length is needed? Medical exam gloves tend to stop at the wrist while typical cleanroom gloves don over the arm a few inches. When working with chemicals, you’ll want to decide if you want the 10” or the 12” length.

Do you need sterile or nonsterile gloves? Our cleanroom gloves come with low particulate levels and are deionized water washed and double poly-bagged to maintain cleanroom consistency. When it comes to cleanroom standards, there’s no question which gloves are right to buy.

Cleanroom Latex Gloves

These rubber latex gloves are powder free and are tested for tensile strength, puncture resistance, force at break and elongation capability. The fact that they are chemical and infectious material resistant can give you confidence in your cleanroom work.

Textured on the fingertips to provide grip during wet situations, these clean latex gloves sport 7 mil thickness at the fingertip for superb tactile sensitivity on the 10” glove, or 8 mil on the 12” glove.

Cleanroom Nitrile Gloves

When employees have latex allergies, nitrile gloves made out of synthetic rubber are the go-to choice. Nitrile gloves resist acetic acid, ethylene glycol, MEK and sodium hydroxide.

When electrostatic discharge (ESD) is a concern, nitrile gloves offer the best protection since they resist static buildup. For this reason, they are commonly used in electronics, semi-conductor industries and biotechnical labs.

Our gloves have textured fingers for wet/dry handling and are tested for excellent puncture resistance, tensile strength, force at break and elongation. They come in 10” or 12” lengths and a range of sizes from small to extra-large.

Cleanroom Vinyl Gloves

Cleanroom vinyl gloves can provide a smooth fit for use on microelectronics, medical component manufacturing and pharmaceutical manufacturing. They provide protection against inorganic acids, alkalies and corrosive inorganic chemicals.

Vinyl carries an extremely low static charge which makes these gloves a great choice for ESD-safe environments. Static-sensitive components are handled best by vinyl.

Vinyl gloves are available in 10” and 12” lengths and a variety of sizes to provide the most comfortable fit for all employees.

Get your cleanroom gloves in bulk

Having all the nitrile, latex or vinyl cleanroom gloves necessary to keep production flowing means buying in bulk. Bulk purchases save money and ensure a good fit for different sized hands. Contact us today for a quote on your bulk supply of cleanroom gloves.

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