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What Fabric to Choose for Your Cleanroom Apparel

by Operations Manager
What Fabric to Choose for Your Cleanroom Apparel

Cleanroom garments can be made of woven, knit or non-woven material and the kind of material makes a big difference in filtering out particulates and contaminants from your cleanroom’s controlled environment.

The pros at Medco Supplies recommend you consider how much liquid repellency, durability, efficiency in particulate filtration, worker comfort, electrostatic discharge, heat resistance, high density weave for repelling microbial penetration, and non-linting shed is needed for your cleanroom environment. Knowing what you’re looking for in cleanroom garment fabrics will help you narrow down your decision.

Spunbound Filament Fabric

For non-hazardous environments, polypropylene is a great choice. This fabric is lightweight, breathable, durable, mildew-resistant, non-allergenic and has low lint. It will not flare but will melt if exposed to flame. Check out Advantage I Coveralls or Advantage I Hood & Boots Attached Coveralls for best-selling examples.

Bonded Nonwoven Fabric

This fabric is highly breathable microporous film bonded with a nonwoven fabric. This gives excellent barrier properties for wet or dry situations. Non-toxic liquid, spray, dirt and dust are kept away from skin. It is strong, lightweight and soft. This fabric is ideal for hot environments to keep employees cool and comfortable. Look at the Advantage MPC Coveralls or Advantage MPC Hood & Boots Attached Coveralls for these benefits.

Microporous Material  

This popular alternative to the more expensive Tyvek® is a polyethylene coated polypropylene fabric that offers an excellent liquid barrier. It is lightweight and durable with a reduced risk of particle shedding. This fabric is found in our Advantage Plus Coveralls and Advantage Plus Hood & Boots Attached Coveralls.

Three Layers of Thermoplastic Polymer Material

The ideal fabric for many cleanrooms, spunbonded + meltblown + spunbonded material provides excellent dry particulate and light chemical splash barriers. SMS material is lightweight, soft and breathable. It is treated with an anti-static agent for ED protection. Check our Advantage Pro Coveralls or Advantage Pro Hood & Boots Attached Coveralls.

Spunbonded Olefin Fabric

This material is ideal for strength and durability with seams that are serged, sewn and bound together. It provides an excellent barrier against dry particulates. It provides light splash protection but is not recommended for exposure to chemicals and gases. Examples are Tyvek® Coveralls or Tyvek® Coveralls Hood & Boots Attached.

Get the right fabric for your cleanroom garments today 

Ready to order the apparel that will work well in your cleanroom environment? Contact us today for a bulk price so you have all the coveralls, bouffants, beard covers, booties and frocks needed to keep production moving forward.

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