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Aluminum Weigh Dishes for the Win

by Operations Manager
Aluminum Weigh Dishes for the Win

Sometimes the unsung heroes of the laboratory are the smallest things that can offer the greatest convenience, such as aluminum weigh dishes, the powerhouse of the lab. These 2-to-2.5-inch lightweight aluminum weighing dishes, readily found at Medco Supplies, pack a punch in their many uses as disposable containers for an endless amount of balance or transport needs.

Weighing Dishes

When precise measurements are needed, you can trust that aluminum weighing dishes offer exacting quantities. Crimped walls on the dishes provide the strength and rigidity for heavy contents and a large tab helps with ease of use as well as with providing a place for numbering.

When your lab needs a larger option, consider substituting anti-static weighing canoes in small, medium or large sizes. Or, try using polystyrene weigh boats which are versatile and durable. Their smooth sides are designed to allow easy pouring and minimal loss.

Dispensing Dishes

Aluminum weighing boats also make ideal dispensing dishes. Use them to carefully organize your samples or to safely transfer samples. Tabulate your sequence or identify contents on the writable thumb tab.

Evaporating Dishes

Aluminum weigh pans also make great evaporating dishes. They withstand high temperatures—up to 676.6˚C—and are perfect for evaporation purposes. In quantities of 100/pack, you’re sure to have enough for all of your test runs.

Storing Pans

At the end of the cycle, or at the end of the day, aluminum weigh pans can store your samples or products until the next reading. Simply mark the tabs with the tracking numbers and store in a safe place where they will not be disturbed.

Dust Covers

Need something covered to reduce contamination or evaporation? Try using your aluminum weighing dishes as a cover. Or, use the larger aluminum foil dishes or your moisture analyzer pans—aluminum moisture pans—as a disposable dust cover.

Get aluminum weigh dishes in bulk

When you need supplies fast, Medco Supplies is here to help. We are ready with online support to help you find the products you need and most orders ship the same day. Contact us today to get a bulk price on high quality aluminum weighing pans or dishes and we will get you a competitive price.

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