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An Introduction to SMS Fabrics

by Operations Manager
An Introduction to SMS Fabrics

Three layers are better than one, and the manufacturers of SMS fabrics put that knowledge into practice with their protective layers of spunbond – meltblown – spunbond (SMS) fabric. These SMS fabrics, commonly used in coveralls, gowns and shoe covers readily found at Medco Supplies, offer excellent barriers against chemical splashes, liquid contamination, dry particulate transference and external pollution for your cleanroom, manufacturing site, medical facility or research facility.

What is spunbond – meltblown – spunbond?

This process of manufacturing tri-laminate, non-woven fabrics, such as SMS fabrics, has been honed to perfection and is widely used in industrial applications today. The three layers are placed together and laminated with thermal bonding and pressing. The end product is a flexible, breathable fabric that provides a protective barrier.

Spunbonded fabrics are pressed between rollers and heated, sealing the fabric to create an excellent moisture resistance as well as a barrier to high temperatures. The end product is strong, durable and versatile enough to be made into anything from lab coats to mattress pad covers.

Meltblown fabrics are created by melting thermoplastic chips of polypropylene. High velocity air is added, creating fine filaments of plastic which are then layered to create the fabric. Meltblown fabrics are softer and more pliable than spunbonded and can add a soft, flexibility to the final product that spunbonded alone would not.

Finally, chemical treatments can be added to the SMS fabric to create a specialized fabric for certain applications such as heat retardant, static resistance, water resistance or chemical repellant.

Medical Gowns

Isolation gowns, used by medical personnel and physicians, need the extra protection offered by the three-layer SMS system. Barriers for liquids, blood-borne pathogens and contaminants are all standard fixtures in these SMS fabrics.

Cleanroom Coveralls

Inside cleanrooms, accidental spills and chemical contamination can be a hazard. SMS coveralls offer full-body protection while keeping external contaminants to a minimum.

Lab Coats

For protective apparel in the lab, SMS fabrics go above and beyond. They protect against liquid and dust while still remaining breathable so the wearer doesn’t become overheated.


When chemical resistance is a key component, SMS aprons can provide the coverage needed to protect the wearer from light chemical splashes.

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