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Stay Cool with Moisture-Wicking Apparel

by Operations Manager
Stay Cool with Moisture-Wicking Apparel

In hot working conditions, moisture management gets the spotlight. Moisture management is the process of controlling how wet your clothing gets when you’re hot by moving moisture vapor and liquid away from the body. It’s essential to choose fabric from Medco Supplies that will help you stay cool in extreme heat so you don’t experience heat exhaustion or heat stroke.

This means selecting fabric that has excellent moisture-wicking, or moisture moving, capabilities. Moisture-wicking fabric can mean the difference between having your clothes soaked with sweat and remaining reasonably comfortable at work.

Moisture-wicking fabric uses capillary action to move the moisture from the inside of the fabric, next to the skin, to the outside of the fabric where it can better evaporate. Capillary, in this instance, refers to a system of microscopic tubes, similar to your body’s capillaries, designed to move the moisture through the fabric and away. That’s a simplified explanation of capillary action.

Moisture vapor transmission rate is the process of testing fabric to see how long it takes for moisture to permeate. This determines the breathability of fabric.

Cotton fabric is the most breathable, but it clings to moisture and gets sodden with sweat, making it the least favorite choice for summer workwear. However, it is the softest and most comfortable when it is dry.

Polyester does a much better job wicking moisture away, but it can cling and has less breathability. Still, polyester is a great choice for summer work attire.

Polyethylene, like olefin, is an extremely durable fabric but has almost no breathability. It offers little to no moisture vapor movement. This dense fabric is more suited to winter wear.

Polypropylene fabric is the best at moisture-wicking. It is durable and lightweight, making a perfect choice to beat the heat. Spunbonded polypropylene is breathable and has excellent moisture management properties.

Full-body coveralls, regular coveralls, Advantage I lab coats, Advantage I frocks, masks, and Advantage isolation gowns are some of the products at Medco Supplies that use polypropylene as a moisture-wicking fabric choice.

Get your moisture-wicking apparel today

Stock up on spunbonded polypropylene fabrics in the right sizes to help your employees stay cool, comfortable and productive during these hot months.

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