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Clean & Classic Cleanroom Tape

by Operations Manager
Clean & Classic Cleanroom Tape

Tape has over 1,000 uses and cleanroom tape is no different. When it comes to labeling, sealing or even just taping over a light switch, Cleantack cleanroom tape is ready to go. It is contaminant free and made-to-order for the cleanroom setting. Perfect for labeling samples, sealing containers, enclosing packaging, fixing tears in cleanroom coveralls, or anchoring equipment, this cleanroom tape holds its own. Want to know more about this all-purpose tape? The pros at Medco Supplies have the answers when it comes to the right tape required for a cleanroom environment.

Tape Construction

Wondering what it’s made of? Cleanroom tape is made of low-density polyethylene film with pressure sensitive adhesive backing. It is wound on a plastic core for low particulate count. This construction allows for excellent holding power over a wide temperature range and moisture content. Additionally, it will adhere well to a variety of surfaces including metal, plastic and different kinds of packaging.

Tape Packaging

Want to know how it’s packaged? Your cleanroom tape has been produced and packaged in a class 100 cleanroom site. It is individually packaged in heat-sealed bags to ensure static control and low particulates to suit your cleanroom standards.

Tape Sizes

What sizes are available? Each roll of cleanroom tape contains a whopping 36 yards of polyethylene film that’s ready for your labeling needs. You can choose the width of tape that’s right for your cleanroom or buy an assortment. It comes in a handy ½ inch, 1 inch, 2 inch or 3 inch size option.

Tape Colors

What colors do you need? Unlike other companies, we offer a whopping six color choices for your lab needs. For easy-to-read labeling try white, yellow, or orange. For fast recognition, try red, blue or green. Get a variety of colors to make labeling samples and organizing your cleanroom easy peasy.

Get your tape in bulk

Ready to order an assortment of convenient cleanroom tape? At Medco Supplies, most orders ship the same day.  Contact us today for a bulk price and we’ll get busy sending you the cleanroom tape that will make your workday that much easier.



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