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Where Should Cleanroom Adhesive Mats Be Used and Placed?

by Operations Manager
Where Should Cleanroom Adhesive Mats Be Used and Placed?

Not sure if you need cleanroom adhesive mats? Or were you just wondering where exactly to place them? Medco Supplies’ experts provide you with answers to both of these questions!


Where Are Cleanroom Adhesive Mats Used?

Cleanroom adhesive floor mats are one of those sticky mats, usually blue, you might’ve seen at healthcare facilities, construction sites or cleanrooms.

They owe their name as well as their stickiness to their sticky surface, coated with strong adhesives. So strong, they’re able to remove and trap dirt, dust, debris, germs and other particulates from the bottoms of shoes or cart wheels.


So where are adhesive floor mats needed?

These mats play a very important role in any cleanroom environment and at construction sites.
When you say “cleanroom”, people usually first think of an operating room in a hospital. However, that’s just one of the application fields of cleanroom sticky mats.
If you’ve ever worked at or visited any industrial facility which deals with sensitive equipment for example, the chances are you’ve already seen these mats do their magic in keeping these clean and controlled environments contaminant-free.

Adhesive floor mats are an essential part of safety supplies in many industries and environments where small particles can endanger product quality, or personnel/patients’ health and safety. Here’s just to name a few:

  • Microelectronics manufacturing
  • Medical components or devices manufacturing
  • Pharmaceutical manufacturing
  • Aerospace and automotive industrial facilities/factories
  • Healthcare facilities
  • Laboratories
  • Construction sites


Where should cleanroom adhesive mats be placed?

Sometimes the purpose of these mats is not only to stop contaminants from entering a room, but also to prevent any hazardous materials from exiting the site.
That’s why it’s very important to install the adhesive mats at the right places, them being:

  • In front of the cleanroom door.
  • In front of the gowning area.
  • In the hallway leading up to the clean room.
  • At the exit from the cleanroom.

The questions of where you should place cleanroom adhesive mats and why can be summarized in 2 simple sentences:

  1. Placing the mats at entry points reduces the risk of foot-borne or wheel-borne contamination being carried into the cleanroom.
  2. Placing the mats at exit points prevents hazardous materials, if they are present, from exiting the cleanroom.


4 Cleanroom Adhesive Mats Best Practices

Knowing how to apply and how to use tacky mats properly is as important as knowing where to use and where to place them. So here are a few essential tips:

  • Apply the mats to a clean, dry floor.
  • Install the mats carefully.
  • Use long enough mats.
  • Make sure you change the mats when they get dirty.

If you need cleanroom mats for your lab or healthcare facility, check out the brands, colors and dimensions of clean room sticky mats available at Medco Supplies!

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