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Finger Cots: Small Helpers for Big Jobs

by Operations Manager
Finger Cots: Small Helpers for Big Jobs

When you need finger protection in your cleanroom, medical or manufacturing facility but you don’t need a full glove, finger cots are a small but mighty helper at work. At Medco Supplies, we offer finger frocks, or finger stalls in a variety of thicknesses, sizes, powdered or nonpowdered and nitrile or latex. Whatever job you have to do, we’ve got the right finger cots to keep you covered.

Advantages of Finger Cots

  • Finger cots are cheaper than gloves and have less surface area which equates to less waste. Saving waste and cost saves the environment and money.
  • Finger gloves allow the hand to breathe and to be more comfortable than gloves, which may motivate employees to be more dependable in using them.
  • They are also convenient to put on and off and can cover up a fingertip scratch or injury that is bandaged. This can keep conditions sanitary.
  • Finger stalls can improve grip on small, delicate objects, such as computer components. They offer great tactile sensitivity for firmer grips at work.
  • The most obvious use of finger cots is to protect fingers from scratches, cuts, rough surfaces, dirt or glue.
  • There are a myriad of medical uses for finger cots including application of creams or ointments or insertion of suppositories.
  • Static dissipative or anti-static finger cots protect sensitive equipment from static discharge. Static dissipative finger cots also come in a thick 16mil.
  • Finger cots protect from contamination of oils, skin salts, flakes and other particulates that tend to easily transfer to production.

Latex Finger Cots

Latex rubber is a great option for versatility, ease of use and comfort. Powdered latex finger gloves are easy to don and doff. Latex is cost effective and readily available. Powder Free latex finger cots are tissue weight at a mere 3mil or a sturdy 16mil latex finger cot. Offering good tactile sensitivity, latex finger cots are a great choice for people who are not sensitive to latex.

Nitrile Finger Cots

For those sensitive to latex, powder free nitrile finger gloves are a great option. Offering the same tactile sensitivity as latex, nitrile is processed with the lowest levels of particulates and extractables as possible.  

Get your cleanroom finger cots in bulk

Available in small, medium, large and extra large, you can have a selection of finger cots on hand for employee use and ease. Contact us today for a quote on bulk finger gloves that ship fast and worldwide.

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