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Cleanroom Adhesive Sticky Mats, Tacky Mats, Essential Mats

by Operations Manager
Cleanroom Adhesive Sticky Mats, Tacky Mats, Essential Mats

Medco Supplies offers top-quality cleanroom adhesive sticky mats to keep particulates, dust and dirt out of the cleanroom and stuck onto the mat for easy disposal. Designed by industry leading Cleantack, Step One adhesive mats have 30 layers of adhesive mats to help keep your cleanroom workspace dirt-free. After a layer is dirty, carefully peel it off and roll it up with the dirt stuck inside and dispose of it. Layers pull apart sort of like your lint roller layers do. They’re designed to pull apart easily and not stick together.

In addition to the cleanroom tacky mats, a mat base can first be placed on the floor. This base will hold the replacement packs of the cleanroom adhesive mats as you use up a pack. This takes care of the common complaint of users who say the mat comes up with their feet. We offer some of the best products, ensuring ours is not among the low-quality mats on the market.

The different colors can be used for different zones in the cleanroom, such as the hallway, gowning area and cleanroom entrance. Or, use the different colors in different industry applications. Called cleanroom essential mats for a reason, these tacky floor mats provide an essential service in keeping the workspace as clean and contaminant-free as possible.

Our anti-microbial treated mats offer the additional service of reducing bacterial contamination, as well. The edges are not beveled, ensuring the next layer will be as clean as possible. Each tacky sheet is numbered so you know when you need to order another pack. With all of these important features working together to keep your cleanroom contaminant-free, your workspace must be supplied with essential adhesive sticky mats from Medco Supplies, your favorite cleanroom supplier.

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