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Unmasking the Best in Masks

by Janelle Bauer
Unmasking the Best in Masks

The pandemic taught us the importance of understanding the differences in face masks. But there may still be a few things that you need to know when you’re ordering supplies for your laboratory, office, plant or business. At Medco Supplies, we have taken a closer look at masks and which ones are best for light industry, cleanrooms, food service and medical applications.

Light Industry

First out the door is the Nuisance Dust Mask. This mask provides protection from non-toxic but irritating particles such as sawdust, pollen, drywall dust, salts and dirt. They are available in 3 colors.

Where non-oil, particulate aerosols are a hazard, N95 Particulate Respirators are a great choice. They can be ordered with a 10 box minimum.


Cleanrooms need more than a dust mask. Here you will want an Ear Loop Mask or a Tie-On Mask. These soft, non-woven polypropylene masks have aluminum to make them form-fitting around the nose.

Food Service

For typical food manufacturing and food service applications, consider ordering the popular Ear Loop Mask or Tie-On Mask. These come in 5 colors and two sizes – regular or long. The Tie-On Mask can be ordered with a minimum of 10 bags. They offer 0.05 micron filtration at greater than 99% to maintain your quality standards.


For added eye protection, try the Shielded Ear Loop Mask or the Shielded Tie-On Mask. This permanent, anti-fog shield is lightweight and will fit over glasses, if needed. The mask is still made of the soft, non-woven polypropylene with an aluminum wire for the nose. Fluid resistant, these masks offer great protection from airborne particulates and are latex-free for sensitive skin. The tie-on masks are available with a minimum of 8 boxes.

Get your masks in bulk

Available in boxes or bags, our dust masks, ear loop masks and tie-on masks come 50 to a pack. The shielded masks come in quantities of 25 to a box and the N95 masks come 20 to a pack.

Buying your masks in bulk will give you a great price and ensure your employees have the right PPE for the job. Contact us today for a special quote on your masks.

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