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Cleanroom, Medical, and Safety Supplies

by Alex Sardarian
Cleanroom, Medical, and Safety Supplies

Cleanroom gloves: These gloves are used in order to protect a product or process from contamination that might occur during handling. It is made with materials such as latex, vinyl, nylon and nitrile. Vinyl Gloves are ideal for use in microelectronics, medical component manufacturing, pharmaceutical manufacturing, and other cleanroom environments where a low particulate glove is needed, this is because it carries an extremely low static charge providing excellent product protection for static-sensitive components. The Nitrile cleanroom glove on its part is manufactured to provide the lowest levels of particulates and extractable possible and is inherently anti-static which makes it ideal for use in Electronics, Semi-Conductor Industries, and Biotechnical Laboratories. These gloves are resistant to certain chemicals depending on the materials with which they are made.

Adhesive Film Roller: They are made of thin polyethylene sheets around a 1½" core and there are 118 smooth sheets per roll. They are ideal tools for removing dust particles from smooth surfaces including floors, walls, ceilings, and workstations. Its handle has a molded grip which is comfortable in the hand and it extremely lightweight thereby making it very easy to use.

Shoe Covers: It is an economical way to protect static sensitive devices in the work area. These Shoe Covers are made of 100% spunbond polypropylene or polylatex and a full length non-woven conductive carbon strip is added to the bottom of the shoe covers which provides adequate length for body contact when worn with most shoe styles. The non-woven fabric helps filter particulates for contamination control in critical environments. They come in regular and skid-free soles and are of extra-large "universal" size with comfortable elastic ankles to fit over most shoes.

Coveralls: They come in different shapes and sizes including those elastic wrist and ankles, those with attached hoodies and boots, frock, those with elastic face among others. They are made of polyethylene coated polypropylene which are highly breathable micro porous film bonded with a nonwoven fabric. The barrier properties of this material make it the ideal choice for wet and dry situations where barrier and repellency are needed. They provides excellent protection against non-toxic liquid, spray, dirt and dust. They are also durable and lightweight and perfect for hot environments as workers will remain cool and comfortable.

Cleanroom Tape: It is made of low density polyethylene film with pressure sensitive adhesive backing. It is low particulate and contaminant free and wound on a clean plastic core and individually packaged in heat-sealed bags. Cleanroom tape is produced and packaged in a class 100 clean room and will stick to nearly all surfaces including: metal, plastic, and packaging. The tape has excellent holding power over a wide temperature and moisture range and can be used in the cleanroom for labeling, sealing containers, packaging, and construction projects. It contains 36 yards per roll and come in various colors such as white, blue, red, green, yellow and orange.

Cleanroom pens: They are ballpoint pens with low-sodium ink, designed with a special polypropylene barrel to limit particle generation. They come in several colors and can be used to make marks on cold or wet surfaces, plastic bags, or disposable lab ware and marks will not smear on reusable glass, metal, or porcelain lab ware.

Cleanroom Notebook: The notebooks are designed for anti-particle formation by binding Fibers and particles tightly into each sheet. They are used for cleanroom documentation and may come in top spiral or side spiral bound form. They contain hundred pages per notebook and are sold individually.

Ear Loop Mask: It is made of soft, non-woven polypropylene. The 3-ply pleated design offers 0.05 micron filtration at almost 100%. A full length flat aluminum wire forms comfortably to the nose and face to maintain an excellent fit for maximum filtration. The Ear Loop Masks are fluid resistant and disposable and fit snugly around the ears with elastic loops. They are also latex free so there is no risk of an allergic reaction when they are being used.

Adhesive mats:  They are made of thin layers of adhesive coated polyethylene film which removes and traps dust, dirt and other particulates from shoes and cart wheels with each entry into the cleanroom. They work very well in high traffic areas and are designed to resist adhesive transfer, preventing sheet to sheet delamination. To prevent distortion and slippage, the adhesive backing secures the mat to the floor. Each mat has thirty numbered, removable sheets for quick and easy maintenance. The edges are not beveled to ensure that each sheet is contaminate free. The mats come in various options and colors depending on your preference and they are treated with antimicrobial agent.

Wipers: These are economical alternative for general purpose polishing and spill cleanup. They come in various forms such as Polycellulose Wipers are made from a blend of 45% polyester and 55% cellulose fibers, Polyester Wipes are made from continuous filament micro denier material and Polyester Knit Wipes are made from 100% polyester.

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