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Exam Gloves Demystified

by Operations Manager
Exam Gloves Demystified

The first line of defense to stop liquids, acids and contaminants from reaching you during surgery or medical procedures are gloves. Medical exam gloves are the unsung hero of the exam room and the surgery center and should be examined closely to understand the different kinds available. At Medco Supplies, we’ve compiled the best features of each kind of exam glove to help you choose what’s right for your facility.

Nitrile Exam Gloves

These are the traditional blue nitrile medical gloves. Available in small, medium, large and extra-large, these latex-free gloves are strong, soft and flexible. A beaded cuff makes it easy to pull on and off using proper donning protocol. Fingers enjoy a micro texture for added dexterity whether dealing with wet or dry environments. To sum it up, the tactile sensitivity, dexterity, flexibility, latex allergy free and tested tensile strength makes these gloves the perfect all-purpose medical supply glove to which every nurse, surgeon and resident should have easy access.

Powder-Free Vinyl Exam Gloves

These nearly opaque vinyl gloves are perfect for latex sensitive skin. Excellent tactile sensitivity allows for easy movements. Liquid resistance protects from inorganic acids, alkalies, corrosive chemicals and fluids. Available in sizes from small to extra-large, these natural looking gloves are a go-to for every medical facility.

Techni-Grip 10” Latex Exam Gloves

Another powder-free glove is the techni-grip latex exam glove. Designed to provide exceptional grip and superior sensitivity, these gloves add texture to the points where you need it the most to ensure you can keep a good grip and do your best work. Available in natural/white, these double-chlorinated gloves come in extra small to extra-large sizes.

Sure-Grip 10” Latex Exam Gloves

One of the most popular medical glove, the sure-grip latex glove go through rigorous double testing to ensure the highest quality. These single-chlorinated gloves have a textured finish to provide superior grip and dexterity in wet or dry conditions. Available in natural/white, these gloves are available in extra small to extra-large sizes.

Get your gloves in bulk

Whether you choose the nitrile, vinyl or textured latex exam gloves, you can get them in bulk quantities by calling us today. Each box contains 100 gloves, and we can ship as many as pallets internationally, as required. Contact us today for a quick quote for exam gloves.




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