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You'll Love These Cleanroom Supplies

by Operations Manager
You'll Love These Cleanroom Supplies

Having the right supplies at the right time can make all the difference when working expediently in your cleanroom environment. Having to stop production to search for the supplies you need is a common yet avoidable problem. At Medco Supplies, we carry the line of quality cleanroom supplies most often used by laboratories, medical facilities, manufacturers and food service.


A supply of different sized and different purpose coveralls is the first place to start when stocking your cleanroom. Frocks are readily available for faster, less restrictive applications or full hood coveralls for stricter uses. Regular coveralls are great for all-around uses.

Head and Feet

Now that the body is covered, what will you do for the head and feet? Try adding a bouffant or hood to keep hair and particulates out of the cleanroom environment. Shoe covers provide easy extra care for the potentially dirtiest part of your clothing. For face protection, try an ear loop mask for full coverage. A beard cover is good to keep on hand for extra protection. Keeping plenty of these one-size-fits-most disposables on hand ensures your employees will have what they need each day.


Gloves such as latex, nylon, vinyl or nitrile are the go-to choices for cleanroom hand protection. Too sweaty to last the whole day? Try a glove liner or half-finger glove liner to wick away moisture and to add long-lasting comfort without losing tactile agility. Finger cots are another great option for dexterity and cleanliness.


Low-to-no particulate paper, binders, note pads, pens, and dividers are a must for every cleanroom. Cleanroom tape allows you to mark iterations, identify substances and make fast labels. Supply your staff with the cleanroom documentation they need to make notes and documentations each day.

Cleanroom Needs

When supplying your cleanroom, don’t forget the sticky mats and adhesive mat bases to catch any errant particulates from feet as they pass through. Available in many sizes, there’s a mat that will fit every entryway. Also, keep a handy adhesive film roller nearby to capture dust, particulates, lint and more from work stations, surfaces and walls in the cleanroom.

Get your cleanroom supplies in bulk

Having the right supplies will keep your employees happy and production on track as your high quality cleanroom supplies support your business. Contact us today for a quote on bulk cleanroom supplies that ship fast and easy.

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