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How to Choose an Isolation Gown

by Operations Manager
How to Choose an Isolation Gown

Choosing an isolation gown requires knowing the intended purpose for gown use so you will know what kind of gown you need. While the unexpected duration of the COVID-19 pandemic has impacted the availability and choices of isolation gowns, Medco Supplies continues to fulfill the most stringent barrier needs in healthcare by providing a selection of five high quality, level 4 gowns.

Surgical gowns protect the wearer from the transmission of fluids and even the penetration of viruses, depending on the level of gown. Additionally, isolation gowns protect vulnerable patients from the transmission of microorganisms. So, having the right gown for the right purpose is of vital importance for healthcare workers.

Choose the standard

When choosing an isolation gown, it is important to understand the FDA standards for the four levels of gowns.

  • Level 1 – minimal risk – i.e. visitors
  • Level 2 – low risk – i.e. blood draw
  • Level 3 – moderate risk – i.e. ER work
  • Level 4 – high risk – i.e. surgery or COVID-19

Choose the material

Isolation gowns are composed of three basic materials. The synthetic materials offer better liquid and virus barrier protection than cotton. Medco Supplies offers gowns made from synthetics to meet the Level 4 standards.

  • Polypropylene – durable, low lint, affordable, lightweight, breathable, spunbound filament, non-hazardous work environment
  • Polyethylene-coated polypropylene – durable, tough, waterproof, general purpose industrial environment
  • Cotton – breathable, lightweight

Choose the level of clean

Gowns come in clean or sterile options. Clean gowns are usually enough for most requirements, including COVID-19 control, but sterile gowns are needed for surgery.

We meet your requirements

When it comes to outfitting your healthcare workers with the right isolation gowns, shoe covers, gloves and bouffants, Medco Supplies has what you need and we will ship it to you quickly to keep your staff supplied with everything they need to safely do their jobs.

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