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Stay Safe When Handling Chemicals

by Operations Manager
Stay Safe When Handling Chemicals

Handling chemicals in your cleanroom, industrial, medical or manufacturing facility requires a sharp eye on safety. According to OSHA, exposure to chemical solvents can cause lung damage, coughing, wheezing, red and itchy eyes, skin rashes, burns, breathing problems, sore throat, headaches and asthma. At Medco Supplies, you can find the proper barriers to protect yourself while you have to handle chemicals in your cleanroom or facility.

Be safe by knowing your procedures

Carefully follow cleanrooom procedures by using the proper personal protective equipment (PPE), by using the protocol for storage and disposal of chemicals, and by using the safe handling techniques.

If procedures are not yet in place, immediately establish a written protocol and use it to train employees.

Be safe with PPE

When handling chemicals, it is critical that you wear the right personal protective equipment (PPE). Be sure to wear safety goggles or safety glasses, gloves, sleeves or gowns or aprons, masks and shoe covers.

Be safe with storage

Use your MSDS sheets to understand each chemical that will need to be stored. Consider ventilation in the storage area. Segregating and containing chemicals will need to be followed carefully. Labeled areas for each chemical, as well as carefully labeled chemicals, can help keep confusion and human error to a minimum.

Be safe with cleanup and disposal

Spills happen. You can improve your personal safety by having a spill response plan of action ready in advance. Wipers may be able to help with smaller spills and dribbles. When chemicals are empty, follow proper disposal protocol.

Some issues to consider include:

  • Containment
  • Ventilation
  • Spill kit
  • PPE
  • Evacuation procedures
  • Reporting procedures
  • Safe cleanup procedures
  • Proper disposal following SDS

Be safe by being tidy

Taking time throughout the day to clean your workspace, keeping things cleaned up and put away, will help you maintain an organized station. This could help prevent spills and accidents by giving you enough space in which to work. Keep chemicals clearly labeled and stored carefully in-between uses. Mop up any moisture on the floor immediately to prevent falls, a common injury in the workplace. Use ventilation hoods regularly to keep the air circulating when chemicals are in use.

We help you stay safe

Medco Supplies has what you need to stay safe when handling chemicals. We will ship PPE to you quickly to protect your employees, keeping them safe and healthy in the cleanroom, manufacturing site or workplace.

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