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How to Properly Store Garments for Cleanrooms

by Operations Manager
How to Properly Store Garments for Cleanrooms

Cleanroom garments serve two purposes. The first is to reduce particulates, germs, microbes and contaminants from entering the cleanroom. The second is to protect the employee from potential hazards and contaminants. Both purposes are crucial to the integrity of your industry. To protect your environment and your employees, clean garments must be stored perfectly and donned correctly. Here’s what you need in your donning room to keep the articles of clothing as clean as possible.

Cleaning Station

Before sterile garments can be touched, hands and exposed skin must be scrubbed clean. Using touch-free sinks, soap dispensers, and dryers are a good place to start. After the employee has scrubbed, proper gowning protocol can be observed by dressing from the top down, starting with a bouffant or hood and ending with booties, then gloves pulled over sleeves.

Air Control

The gowning station and the cleanroom should be maintained with airlocks. The air pressure in the donning station should be greater than the pressure outside of the room, but less than the cleanroom itself. A HEPA filtration system and air blasts or air shower station will help keep the loose particulates under control. Sticky mats at the doorway and gowning area can also help.

Cabinets, Shelves and Bins

A gowning station should display the articles of sterile clothing in the order in which the employee should dress. The head would be first, so sterile dispensing bins allow for easy access to bouffants and masks. Sterile cabinets with HEPA blowers can hold the garments still in their protective wrap. Garments should be stored this way and wrap should not be removed until opening it and using it. A touchless disposal cabinet, possibly joined with the dispensing bins, or waste receptacles can hold the discarded wrappings. If controlled cabinets are not necessary, folded gowns can be stored in a wall-mounted vertical dispenser. A foot-pedal garment hamper can collect soiled garments for disposal or cleaning.

If your storage cabinet doesn’t already come with static-dissipative PVC panels, anti-static devices may be needed in the garment storage cabinets, dispensers or bins.

Finally, safety glasses holders or eyeglass dispensers for disposable eyewear will keep your goggles organized and clean. Visors or face shields can be sterilized and reused.

At Medco Supplies, we offer the quality garments that will keep your employees comfortable and safe and your cleanroom sterile and particulate matter-free so your production can continue at maximum efficiency.  

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