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3 Reasons Why You Should Write With Cleanroom Pens & Paper

by Operations Manager
3 Reasons Why You Should Write With Cleanroom Pens & Paper

It’s easy to think of personal protective equipment (PPE) wearables when you’re evaluating your cleanroom. Suiting up with full coverings is standard operating procedure. But what might not be as noticeable is contamination introduced by writing materials. Pens, paper and clipboards are capable of shedding fuzz, lint and paper particles as well as transferring chemicals, biological agents and pathogens.

For these reasons, it’s important to have the right cleanroom documentation supplies from Medco Supplies. Let’s look at each one and their accompanying benefits.

Benefits of Cleanroom Pens

Cleanroom pens are designed for use in aseptic cleanrooms. Best practices use one pen per work shift. With a low-sodium ink, cleanroom pens feature a poly barrel to limit particle transfer. They come in blue, black or red ink in certified sterile packs of 10.

Benefits of Cleanroom Paper & Notebooks

When it comes to cleanroom paper, you want to be writing on these papers. In your choice of white, blue, green, pink or yellow, our cleanroom paper is impregnated with polymar and coated as well to ensure particles remain contained. An added benefit is the resistance to chemical transfer.

The notebooks come with a side or top spiral and are designed for anti-particle formation. Sold individually in different sizes, these notebooks are lint free and wrapped in double plastic. They are easy to wipe down to disinfect. The paper inside is resistant to shedding and can come either rule lined or grid.

Benefits of Cleanroom Clipboards & Binders

A cleanroom clipboard is made of special polypropylene that is designed to be non-shedding. White in color, this clipboard can be easily wiped down with alcohol at the end of a shift.

The cleanroom 3-ring binder is solvent-resistant and is white with a polyethylene cover. It comes in different sizes. There is also a set of binder tab dividers designed with cleanrooms in mind.

When it comes to keeping your site sterile, these cleanroom documentation tools are the right products to have on hand for fast and easy use.

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