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Why We Love Finger Cots

by Janelle Bauer
Why We Love Finger Cots

When a full glove isn’t needed, finger cots provide an excellent, cost-effective solution to provide protection against contaminants and to increase dexterity. Cleanroom and manufacturing employees love them for added finger protection, increased grip, and improved relief from finger fatigue. Employers love them for protection from skin salts, flakes, oils and other particulates that introduce contaminants to a sensitive production environment. At Medco Supplies, we’ve compiled the best features of Class 100 finger cots. Let’s look at a few reasons why we love finger gloves.

Deionized Water Washed

Used in precision cleaning, deionized (DI) water is filtered down to remove the inorganic chemicals to the very lowest parts per billion (PPB) level. It exchanges positive hydrogen and negative hydroxyl ions for the contaminant ions presently found in the water.1

When finger cots are washed in DI water, you know that they are powder free and clean from manufacturing contaminants. That’s why most finger gloves are offered powder free.

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If DI washed is not essential to your cleanroom classification, you may consider powdered finger cots for maximum comfort and easy application. Thin and comfortable, these finger gloves are only 3 mil thick—which is tissue weight—and they create a sheer film of protection.

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Industrial Grade

Tough and durable, the heavy-duty finger cots weigh in at a whopping 16 millimeter thickness. They are reusable and made of natural rubber latex for comfort. Use around sharp or rough materials to provide a firm grip and excellent finger protection.

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Anti-Static or Static Dissipative (ESD)

Finally, you can consider whether or not you need finger cots created with nitrile which is inherently anti-static, or if you want ESD finger cots for maximum protection. Work involving microelectronics, semiconductors, circuit boards, and other electronics require ESD finger cots. Other work that must avoid static build-up can be accomplished with anti-static finger cots.

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Get finger cots today

Ready to order your finger cots in convenient gross bags, Class 100 processed and vacuum-sealed for added protection? Contact us today to talk to a customer service specialist who can help you find the best deal on this essential manufacturing supply.






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