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Sticky Mats - the Unsung Hero of the Cleanroom

by Janelle Bauer
Sticky Mats - the Unsung Hero of the Cleanroom

Every step taken in a cleanroom is a potential hazard as particulates and contaminants can be shed and spread with the movement. That’s why adhesive mats are critical at entry points. These tacky mats remove particulates from shoes or shoe covers and clean the wheels of carts every time they enter the cleanroom. At Medco Supplies, we understand how important sticky mats are to a laboratory environment. Here’s why.

Stops particulates

Sticky mats are specially designed to remove 99.9% of dust in five steps on the mat. This adhesive barrier collects the debris and is easily removed when the sheet is used. Each mat has 30 numbered sheets and is designed to resist adhesive transfer so they don’t stick together or cause a tripping hazard.

Wondering about packaging? The mats are cleanroom bagged with a sturdy outer cardboard case to protect against outside contaminants.

Tough construction

Each adhesive mat is made of polyethylene film coated with a layer of adhesive. This film, rated with more than 1.2 kg/10 mm tensile strength, resists tearing from wheels or heavy use while still providing the needed layer of stickiness.

Additionally, our mats are rated for moderate stickiness for widespread applications. The adhesive backing secures the mat to the floor, effectively preventing slipping or bunching.

Worried about the adhesive spreading? It is water-based and easily cleaned up or removed if there is ever any issue.

Germ fighting

Sticky mats are treated with an anti-microbial agent to resist bacteria and germs to further protect the cleanroom environment. How effective is the anti-microbial agent? In efficacy tests, our mats were effective in reducing bacteria between 97% and 99% of the time.

Get sticky mats today

Ready to order your cleanroom’s sticky mats? You can choose which size and color best fits your lab. We have over ten sizes available and a choice of four or eight mats per pack so you always have plenty on hand. They come in three colors: blue, gray, and white. Choose a high visibility option to help employees create good habits of stepping at least 5 times across the mat. Contact us today to order the adhesive mats you need to control outside contamination in your lab.

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