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10 Versatile Ways to Use Lab Weighing Dishes

by Operations Manager
10 Versatile Ways to Use Lab Weighing Dishes

There’s something to be said for the lure of cheap and disposable, and in no other product is this more obvious than in aluminum weighing dishes. At Medco Supplies, we are big fans of these versatile pans that have endless uses in the lab, cleanroom, or kitchen. Here are 10 ways to use your lab weigh dishes to get you started thinking about their infinitely creative uses.


The convenient tab for finger gripping can be etched with a mechanical pencil or sharp object to identify the contents, the sequence, the time or the results. Use this option to keep the lab organized between shifts.

Painting helper

Mix colors of paint or dyes in these handy dishes. Aluminum weigh dishes make painting easy and cleanup instant.

Discard tray

Quickly gather broken ampules, used pipettes or dirty stirrers in this handy tray. Easily carry it to the trash for a fast tidy of your work station.

Dust cover

Keep contaminants away with this convenient dust cover that protects your work. Maintain the integrity of your research and production by keeping it protected. Mark the bottom with the time or contents for easy organization.


Stay organized by using these lab weighing dishes as sorting pans. Keep your equipment sorted and conveniently located in several of these simple dishes.


Fast and easy, these pans make great mixing centers. When you’re done, throw it away.

Evaporating dishes

Use weighing dishes to evaporate chemicals to prepare for the next step in your research and development.

Efficiency containers

Use these dishes to hold components, labels, equipment or supplies to keep your work station free of clutter. It’s great to grab what you need when everything is well-organized.

Balance pans

A more obvious use of aluminum weigh dishes is to use them on a balance or scale to determine weight. Mark the tab with the weight.

Fuming pans

Using a fuming chamber and timer, fume your chemical with a heat application and careful supervision.

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