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How to Choose the Right Wipes for Cleanroom Use

by Operations Manager
How to Choose the Right Wipes for Cleanroom Use

A cleanroom is no place to have a mess. Having the right wipes, or wipers, on hand is essential to keeping disorder to a minimum. At Medco Supplies, we stock plenty of wipers so your employees can tidy up everything from unexpected spills to normal working day messes.

But not every wipe is created equal. There are definitely right and wrong wipes when you consider your cleanroom environment. How can you ensure you have the right wipe for your cleanroom and not one that will shed particulates or build up static? Let’s look at 3 basic wipers and compare their qualities.

Poly/Cellulose Wipers

This is a popular wiper. The CelluClean Polycellulose Wiper is made of 45% polyester and 55% cellulose fibers with no chemical binders used. It has excellent absorbency and durability. It is the most cost effective wiper and is used for general purpose cleanup and is resistant to solvents and chemicals. Although it is a low particulate wiper, it runs the risk of potential particulate release. It is best used in cleanrooms that have a less restrictive classification. These wipers are available in white and blue and in three different sizes.

Polyester Knit Wipers

This best-selling woven wiper is made from 100% polyester that is knit together in one filament. This process greatly reduces the risk of shedding and is a popular choice in the higher classification of cleanrooms. PolyPure 10 Polyester Knit Wipers are laundered and double packaged in a class 10 cleanroom. They are popular wipers to use on sensitive equipment due to their softness. These wipes come in white and in four different sizes.

Polyester Knit ESD Safe Wipers

Where electrostatic discharge (ESD) is a concern, these PolyPure 10 Polyester Knit ESD Safe Wipers are the wipers to stock. Made of 100% polyester in one long knitted filament of micro denier material, these wipes have static dissipative fibers to guard against ESD. Laundered and double packaged for Class 1 compatibility, the wipes are very soft and absorbent and are a popular choice for stringent standards. Available in white, these wipes come in two sizes.

Get Yours Today

You can’t run a certified cleanroom without the proper supplies. Wipes, personal protective equipment (PPE), shoe covers, sticky mats and more are needed to maintain the clean atmosphere. Running out of supplies spells disaster for cleanrooms.

Contact us today for more information about shipping the supplies you need in pallets to your facility so the work, and cleanup, can progress seamlessly.

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