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3 Common Mistakes with Adhesive Mats

by Operations Manager
3 Common Mistakes with Adhesive Mats

Installed correctly, stick mats, or adhesive mats, are the first line of defense in a cleanroom or donning station. A critical component in the fight against spreading dirt and particulates in the cleanroom, sticky mats play a big role in retaining a cleanroom classification. However, it’s easy to make a mistake when selecting or placing your adhesive mat. At Medco Supplies, we’re here to help you order the correct size and avoid common pitfalls when it comes to placing it properly. Here are some common errors made when placing a sticky mat in a cleanroom.

Wrong Prep Work

Preparing the floor for the new sticky mat is not hard, but there are a few ways to mess it up. Some use commercial cleaners or a quick mopping to prepare the floor, but this won’t get the old adhesive off or clean the floor to specs. Some even try to skip cleaning altogether, which may mean the new mat will delaminate and not stick to the floor properly when carts and foot traffic stress it.

Instead, try a solution of 70% isopropyl alcohol and 30% deionized water to clean the floor each time you install a new mat. Pay attention to getting rid of all the old adhesive left behind. Make sure the floor dries completely before installing the new mat.

Alternatively, install a PVC Adhesive Mat Base. This provides a base on which to install your new set of sticky mats. It takes the guesswork out of cleaning and is useful if you need to move the mats frequently.

Wrong Size

Using a sticky mat like a doormat or bathmat—too small of a size—is not recommended. Also, having a mat way too large for the space will just encourage extra traffic that is not necessary, reducing the lifespan of the mat.

Instead, measure the space before ordering replacement mats. You want it placed vertically to the door to allow 3 to 4 full steps on the sticky surface.

Wrong Removal

Sheets are considered used up when 50 passes have been made by foot or cart traffic. When it’s time to remove a dirty sheet of adhesive or to remove the mat entirely, it’s easy to move too quickly by grabbing a corner and tearing it up. However, this technique can release particulates into the air and contaminate the room with debris that was carefully collected on the surface of the mat.

Instead, start peeling from one corner and fold it in on itself as you go, trapping the particulates inside the bundle.

Get your sticky mats in bulk

Having a bulk supply of sticky mats on hand means you can be sure all donning station doors, entryways and cleanroom doors are covered inside and outside to capture all contaminants before they enter the cleanroom. Contact us today for a quote on the adhesive mats you need.


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