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3 Reasons Why You Need Shoe Covers

by Operations Manager
3 Reasons Why You Need Shoe Covers

Shoe covers complete a cleanroom or medical donning ensemble. When paired with coveralls, gloves and bouffants, shoe covers or booties provide key barriers to protect the cleanroom and the employee. At Medco Supplies, we offer a variety of shoe covers to meet every workplace need. Here are 3 ways booties work to protect you.

Barrier against contamination spread

Shoe covers keep outdoor contaminants from spreading in the cleanroom such as dust, particles and mud. They provide a safe barrier to keep the facility cleaner and as particulate-free as possible.

Barrier against environmental exposure

Shoe covers provide a barrier against microorganisms or contaminants for the wearer. It can contribute to the fight against spreading germs to other areas and can help keep the employee healthy.

Barrier against liquids

Splashes, spills or droplets of harmful liquids such as acids, alkalis, blood, bodily fluids and corrosives can be blocked by shoe covers. Easily disposed of after exposure to liquids, shoe covers offer excellent protection for the wearer.

Types of shoe covers readily available

CPE shoe covers are one of our bestsellers. Made from CPE film, they are impervious to liquids and are manufactured to be lint-free. They are available in blue or white.

Cloplay Polylatex shoe covers are also lint-free and offer liquid protection. They are available in universal size or extra large for the harder-to-fit shoe.

Tyvek shoe covers offer excellent abrasion protection since they are made of tough spunbonded olefin. They are available in standard, clean or sterile packaging.

Tyvek shoe covers with PVC sole gives better grip as well as durability and are available in small, medium, large and extra large as well as standard, clean or sterile packaging.

Polylatex, Diamond-Grip shoe covers are seamless and lint-free with polylatex film. They offer liquid protection and low particulates with a gripping sole. Available in white or blue.

Advantage I shoe covers are made of spunbonded polypropylene for low particulates and contamination control. Available in white or blue and in universal size or extra large size.

Advantage I Conductive shoe covers protect sensitive environments from static discharge. A full length conductive carbon strip is added to the bottom and works with most shoe styles. They are made of 100% spunbonded polypropylene.

Advantage I shoe covers with skid-free sole are made of spunbonded polypropylene for low particulate and extra grip when walking. Available in white or blue, these booties come in universal size, extra large or 2xl to fit everyone.

Advantage I Conductive shoe covers with skid-free sole will give good grip while offering static dissipative qualities for electronic environments. Available in blue and extra large to fit most.

Tyvek boot covers offer tear resistance and all-day durability while covering the entire shoe and lower leg. Made of spunbonded olefin, this bootie is breathable and comfortable. Available in white and universal size.

Get your booties in bulk

Contact us today for a quote on bulk, low particulate shoe covers for all of your employees. We ship quickly and worldwide.


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