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The Many Dimensions of Shoe Covers

by Operations Manager
The Many Dimensions of Shoe Covers

When you think of personal protective equipment (PPE), do you think about your head or your feet? While feet are the unsung heroes of the cleanroom, medical clinic, processing facility or research lab, they can be the first to step into problem areas or to run from contamination. At Medco Supplies, we know the value that shoe covers can add to the sterile work environment. Here are 5 ways that shoe covers or booties can help you put your best foot forward.

Slip Resistance

When there’s standing water or liquid spills in the workplace, shoe covers with slip resistance like these PVC-coated soles, these diamond grip patterned soles, or these skid-free soles provide the extra grip needed to navigate safely.

Contamination Control

When particulate contamination is a concern in the cleanroom, shoe covers like these SMS (spunbonded – meltblown – spunbonded) Advantage Pro shoe covers can provide some of the top dust protection available.

Splash Protection

To protect the shoes and feet from splashes, drips and spills, try these polylatex shoe covers on for size. They also provide a low particulate advantage. Or try the Advantage Plus shoe covers made of polyethylene-coated polypropylene that are both water resistant and a low particulate barrier. A best-seller, these low density, lint-free CPE film shoe covers provide excellent splash resistance.

Static Management

Busy feet can generate a lot of static. Protect your sensitive equipment with Advantage I Conductive shoe covers made of spunbonded polypropylene. A full-length carbon strip is fixed to the shoe cover, giving it the static dissipative properties your cleanroom needs. For an extra benefit, try it in a skid-free sole. Or, add a heel grounder strap to any regular shoe covers or shoes to protect your ESD sensitive environment.

Full Coverage

If shoe covers aren’t enough, consider using these lightweight boot covers that give you splash resistance, skid protection and breathability in full foot and ankle coverage. Made of spunbonded olefin, these 17” sterile boot covers are made to be extra durable for a day on the run.

Get your shoe covers in bulk

Ready to order the shoe covers that will provide the protection your employees need? Contact us today for a special quote to ship a pallet of shoe covers to your facility and make sure you never run out of this simple PPE gear that makes an impact.


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