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FAQs for Bulk Shoe Covers

by Janelle Bauer
FAQs for Bulk Shoe Covers

Shoe covers, or booties, that provide protection for laboratories, food manufacturing facilities, medical facilities, dry production facilities and cleanrooms play an essential part in employee PPE as well as in maintaining industry standards. At Medco Supplies, we’re here to answer your questions about buying disposable shoe protectors.

Can I buy shoe covers in bulk?

Disposable boot and shoe covers are readily available in bulk. The UltraGuard Advantage brand offers the most economical options for bulk buying. We have ready access to bulk quantities and can ship internationally, often the same day. Our special bulk pricing on PPE shoe covers is competitive.

Are disposable boot covers efficient?

Boot covers can provide an excellent barrier against dry particulates such as asbestos, lead dust and radioactive dust. They have been shown to reduce the amount of contaminants while providing PPE protection for employees.

Do shoe covers shed lint?

Our CPE, Clopay Polylatex, Polylatex – Diamond Grip, and Advantage I shoe covers are lint free and can help filter particulates for contamination control in critical environments.

Are shoe covers slippery?

If slippery floors are a concern in your facility, Tyvek shoe covers with a PVC sole provide superior grip while resisting tears and abrasion fractures. A more economical option would be the Advantage I shoe covers with a skid-free sole. This nonslip bootie provides slip resistance for greater traction and improved safety. It is also available in a conductive design for static sensitive work areas.

Do shoe covers shred easily?

Our Tyvek disposable shoe booties are built industry tough and can take a lot of abuse during the day. They are known for their strength and durability in places where abrasion and wear-and-tear are an issue.

Are shoe covers waterproof?

CPE shoe covers are made of low-density CPE film which makes them liquid impervious and provides protection against splashes. The Clopay Polylatex and Polylatex – Diamond Grip booties offer liquid protection.

Get your disposable booties in bulk

Ready to get started? Contact us today for a special quote on a bulk shipment of disposable shoe covers or shoe booties and make sure your cleanroom or facility has the protection it needs to maintain some of the highest standards.

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