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Finger Cots Pack a Punch

by Operations Manager
Finger Cots Pack a Punch

When it comes to reducing skin, oil, dirt and sweat salts from your industrial manufacturing line or from your cleanroom environment, finger cots from Medco Supplies hold the keys to success. Finger cots are available in either latex or nitrile and are often more comfortable than gloves. They are ideal in situations where a full glove is not needed. In a cleanroom, processing or manufacturing facility, finger cots can provide 5 main benefits.

Contamination Control

When particulates need to be contained, finger cots could be the answer. Providing contaminant capture without the bulk of gloves, finger cots go a long way in reducing the transfer of unwanted particulates.

Added Dexterity

For fine motor work, finger cots can add a measure of safety by enhancing the grasp of small parts. Nitrile finger cots are especially adept at this and are more flexible. They provide a better grip than fingers alone or latex gloves.  

Electrostatic Dissipation

When static is a danger to your electronic production, static-free finger cots are the answer. Processed for Class 100, these anti-static finger cots provide all the protection you need. Need something thicker? These durable, industrial grade, static dissipative finger cots provide 16mm of tough latex for the roughest jobs.

Chemical Protection

If the potential for chemical contamination is present, powder-free finger cots can provide the first level of defense against harm. If the danger of chemicals is not regularly present in processing, finger cots could be all your employees need.

Abrasion Protection

At a whopping 16 millimeter thickness, these heavy duty finger cots can provide protection in the sensitive places most likely to become cut or sore during production. Reusable because of their thickness and textured for slip resistance, these finger covers are popular among employees.

Get your finger cots in bulk

Finger cots come in small, medium, large and extra-large and are usually rolled for fast donning. Some are available in unrolled for other applications. Most of our finger cots are a thin and dexterous 3mm, but there are also 16mm finger covers available. Contact us today for a special quote to ship a gross of cleaned and sealed finger cots to your production facility.

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