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Rules for Behavior in a Cleanroom

by Operations Manager
Rules for Behavior in a Cleanroom

A scientific mind is trained in the art of observation and order and a scientific workspace requires no less care and order. That’s why the pros at Medco Supplies have compiled these behavioral guidelines for cleanroom conduct to reduce the risk of contamination and the spread of particulates. Going beyond the proper gowning protocol, these rules for cleanroom behavior will help keep your aseptic environment up to classification standards.

Use Your Locker

When you change in the gowning area, be sure to leave any food, drink or jewelry behind in your locker. These items cannot be allowed into the cleanroom. Gum should be thrown away. Additionally, your cell phone, which is covered in germs, has to be kept outside. If you take personal items into the cleanroom, they have to be cleaned and approved, and marked clearly with your name.

Before entering the cleanroom, make sure there is no more than the allowed number of people in the room. Having too many people raises the risk of particulate contamination.

Practice Systematic Habits

After safely entering the cleanroom, begin developing a protocol for preparing the lab for the day’s work. If there are any messes or spills left from the last shift, clean those first. Turning on oxygen, setting out chemicals, organizing your documentation supplies and turning on equipment should be done in a systematic way each day.

When the shift is almost over, turn off and shut down equipment. Refill chemicals using the proper labeling system and restock supplies for the next shift. Clean any spills using proper chemical cleaning protocol. Bag products, if needed. Label everything and put it away. Sterilize equipment and put it away. Put away documentation supplies and tidy the workspace.

Habits to Avoid

Before going to work, make sure you have followed protocol for cleanliness. Most processing areas require no makeup and perfumes and short fingernails. Follow cleanroom procedures for coughing and sneezing. Be sure to follow these procedures and turn away from the preparation station and processing equipment, covering your cough or sneeze. Change your gloves. If possible, exit the cleanroom first. Blow your nose outside of the cleanroom and get new gloves, mask, goggles and coveralls, as needed.

Move slowly and limit talking, singing or whistling in the cleanroom. Excessive or sudden movements can cause particulate matter to become airborne and contaminate processing.

Get the right supplies for success

Make sure your cleanroom has all the supplies needed for your employees to follow protocols and to practice safe behavior. Contact us today for special quotes to ship quantities to your processing facility.

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