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How Wipers Do the Heavy Lifting in Cleanroom Contamination Control

by Janelle Bauer
How Wipers Do the Heavy Lifting in Cleanroom Contamination Control

Cleanroom wipes, or wipers, are the cleaning tool of choice for controlled environments. Whenever there is a chemical splash, a component spill or a liquid overflow, wipers are the workhorse of the cleanroom. Made especially to meet strict cleanroom classifications, wipers are the go-to cleaning tool in cleanrooms. When it comes to contamination control, the professionals at Medco Supplies understand what it takes to maintain your ISO standards.

Physical Contamination

Messes made from spilled components or shattered pieces can quickly contaminate a cleanroom’s workstation and affect the products and outcomes. That’s why it’s important to know what wipers are right for each kind of contamination.

Quick cleanup of debris can be done with CelluClean Polycellulose Wipers, made from a blend of 45% polyester and 55% cellulose fibers combined. Cellulose is highly absorbent while polyester adds strength, making this wiper durable and resistant to solvents. This wiper is rated for Class 100, making them good for all-purpose cleaning.

Chemical Contamination

When following the procedures for chemical spills, it is important to have wipers made for maximum absorbency. Low particulate, low abrasion and high absorption rates are all key factors. Size also matters and these wipers are available in two different sizes.

The PolyPure 10 Polyester Wipes are made from 100% filament polyester. The metallic ion and extractable levels are extremely low. This wiper is highly absorbent and soft and is appropriate for a Class 10 cleanroom.

Topping our highest standards for Class 10 compatibility, the PolyPure ESD Polyester Knit Wipes is made with static dissipative fibers to control electrostatic discharge. The 100% filament polyester allows for maximum absorbency and static dissipation.

Stages of Cleaning

To decontaminate your cleanroom after a spill or accident, the six stages of cleaning are implemented. Begin by using the wipers to remove the liquid or debris from the surfaces. Then, apply the appropriate chemical to counteract the spill. Using fresh wipers, remove the chemical and rinse to remove any residue. Next comes another round of disinfecting and rinsing. Finally, enter the drying stage using clean wipers and air drying.

Get the right wipers for your cleanroom

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